30 Kid Friendly 30 Minute Meals

Hey again! Serene here from House of Yumm, and I’m bringing you a collection of 30 Kid-Friendly 30-Minute Meals. School is going to be starting up again soon, which means homework, activities, sporting games, and practices. Don’t forget we still need to feed everyone too, which is why I have collected these 30 Minute Meals that the whole family will love. I think I can squeeze in 30 minutes of cooking. It would take me that long to load up the kids in the car, drive somewhere, order food, wait for it to be prepared, and come back home. Seeing as how I have 4 kids, one being 2 and one being 4 months, you can be sure that I would not be getting out of my car. Too much work. Drive thru all the way. Which means the food would most likely not be good, and definitely not healthy. So yea, I have 30 minutes to cook. Dishes though? That’s a different story, and definitely not my area of expertise.

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At least with this collection of 30 meals, the only problem we will have with dinners is picking which recipe to make which night!

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Just give a click on the link below the picture to go to the site with the recipe. To save the recipe by pinning make sure you click through the link and pin there. Or of course you can pin the collage above to save the whole collection!

Best of luck to you as we start the new school year!

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