Delivering bright Mediterranean flavor on a stick, these Greek-style grilled gyro kebabs are a quick and easy meal to enjoy while camping. Combine them with some tangy yogurt sauce and toasted flatbread and you’ve got the makings of a delicious campfire meal.

Grilled Gyros Kebab

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Whether you’re cooking over a campfire or just doing some grilling in the backyard, these kebabs really capture the sunny mood of summer. Perhaps it’s the bright flavors, perhaps it’s the grill marks on everything (except the tzatziki sauce), but this meal really embraces the spirit of outdoor cooking.

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Some cuts of meat can dry out fast when cooked over high heat, but the marinated lamb we used held up really well. We recommend 1” cubes, if possible. Lamb has a distinct taste on its own, and after sitting in our marinade for a day it really soaked up a lot of the garlic and oregano flavor. After we cooked it, this stuff had a really great, robust flavor.

Grilled Gyros Kebab

While the lamb was great, nothing tastes more like summer to us than blistered cherry tomatoes. They’re like little bursts of sunshine in our mouths. Coated with some olive oil and sprinkled with a just a touch of salt, and it’s nearly impossible to get these things wrong.

Grilled Gyros Kebab

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The halloumi cheese is another signature ingredient of summer grilling. This low moisture, high melting point Greek cheese can be thrown right onto the grill. Beautiful char marks with a slightly squeaky bite, this cheese is one of our favorite seasonal ingredients to grill with.

Grilled Gyros Kebab

On their own, these lamb kebabs are great for dipping in some homemade tzatziki sauce. But if you want to turn this into a real meal, warm up some flatbread and turn it into a gyro sandwich!

Equipment Notes

‣ Fire bans throughout the West mean that for many, campfire and charcoal grilling is off the table. We used our Gonzo Grill to cook these, which runs off of propane so it’s OK to use wherever camp stoves are permitted. This Coleman grill stove also looks like a great option at a lower price point, and would also allow you to use a burner while also using the grill surface if you wanted to cook a side at the same time.

Grilled Gyros Kebab

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