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Tender chicken, rosemary, and garlic come together with great northern beans to create a scrumptious stew.

White beans and chicken are a delicious combination that creates a healthy stew, with lighter flavors that is one of our favorite comfort foods.

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Tips for Making Chicken Stew

There are a couple of good reasons to use whole chicken parts, instead of boneless, skinless chicken for this recipe.

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Gently cooking chicken on the bone produces shredded chicken that is more tender and juicy and helps create a richer, more luxurious tasting broth.

If you want to start the recipe a day ahead it’s ok to let the beans soak overnight. If great northern beans aren’t available, substitute navy or other white beans.

Depending on how thick or thin you like your stew, add more or less chicken stock. It’s worth noting that the stew will continue to thicken up as it sits and the beans absorb the liquid; this is particularly noticeable when the chicken stew sits overnight.

Serving A Scrumptious Stew

This chicken stew is a great choice to make if you’re looking for quick dinners during the week or something to bring for lunch.

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The stew also freezes really well, which is why we often make it in large batches and bring it out whenever we’re looking for delicious comfort food. Here’s a list of seven of our favorite soups and stews to freeze for eating later on.

We love to make and serve this stew in our Le Creuset Dutch Oven with homemade Buttermilk Biscuits.

For a unique finishing touch add a bit of crispy chicken skin to the stew right before serving. It adds tons of flavor and some crunch.

For even more recipes like this check out our section on slow cooking.

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