These Double Chocolate Brownies, filled with macadamia nuts and more chocolate are a hit with everyone who tries them. Recipes are included for traditional, dairy free, and gluten free versions.

Can a recipe ever go wrong when it starts with the words “double chocolate?” I made these for a day at the park with friends last week and they disappeared within minutes. I loved the slightly gooey centers, combined with just the right amount of rich chocolate and nuts. I’ve been playing with casein free baking lately and this recipe works well with butter or with coconut oil. I’ve also been trying many of my older recipes (side by side) both with and without the xanthan gum. I’ve found that it can be left out of a great many recipes without affecting the texture at all.

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I don’t think that I could ever have too many great Gluten Free Dessert Recipes. For the die hard chocolate lover who is watching their carbs, this Low Carb Dark Chocolate Almond Bark is heaven in a bite-size package.

And for absolutely everyone, whether there is an allergy in your life or not, these Everything-Free Cookies are a dream come true. (It hardly seems possible that a cookie that delicious is actually dairy free, gluten free, egg free, nut free, and refined sugar free, but it is true.)

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Double Chocolate Brownies - traditional, gluten free, and dairy free recipes included!

{originally published 4/5/2013 – recipe notes and photos updated 2/24/17}

Double Chocolate Brownies (traditional, gluten free, and dairy free recipes included)

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