Elote a.k.a. Hot Mexican Corn Dip is made with roasted corn in a creamy sauce of spicy mayonnaise, lime, and cotija cheese.

Elote Sedona

This dish is the creation of Chef Jeff Smedstad, the chef-owner at Elote Cafe in Sedona, AZ. On a weekend getaway in Sedona this past spring, my first taste of this corn had me purchasing a copy of Jeff’s Elote cookbook.

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My friend Augusta and I wound up going back to Elote Cafe the very next night because we couldn’t stop talking about this dish.

We spent our weekend in Sedona hiking, wandering, and eating (of course!) and this simple dish was the food highlight of our trip.

Sedona Getaway with Barefeet In The Kitchen

Elote Dip

Almost as soon as I walked through the front door after our weekend in Sedona, I made the Elote recipe using frozen corn. It was really tasty, but it wasn’t quite the same.

I impatiently waited six months for fresh sweet corn season. (Remember the Sweet Corn Festival in Taylor, AZ? That was a fun day and I’d love to go back!)

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Fresh corn Elote Dip is worth waiting for though. This Hot Mexican Corn Dip is just like the Elote Cafe’s Elote appetizer. I fell in love with this dish all over again at the very first bite.

As soon as fresh corn was available, I made this three times and ate it for lunch almost every day. I may have even texted three friends and my sister just to rave about this corn dip after we tasted it.

I LOVE that we can make the beloved Elote Dip from The Elote Cafe at home and have it taste every bit as amazing as it does in the restaurant.

I’ve adapted the recipe slightly, to fit our tastes, but it remains at its heart the original recipe. Don’t miss these Chipotle Mushrooms and the Spicy Cabbage also from The Elote Cafe Cookbook!

Elote Dip is an appetizer that disappears as fast as you can make it! get the recipe at coral-beachresortsharjah.com

What is Elote?

Have you ever tried Elote? Elote is Mexican street corn that is traditionally sold on the cob.

In Mexico, this corn is roasted over an open grill then slathered with mayo, sour cream and sometimes butter and cheese, sprinkled with plenty of spices, and drizzled with fresh lime juice. It’s sold from stands and street carts on the cob or sometimes off the cob in small cups.

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Biting into an ear of corn with lightly charred sweet corn kernels covered in chile powder and tangy lime is an experience everyone needs to have. Elote is a treat that I can not resist any time it’s on a menu.

It’s not too difficult to make your own Elote corn at home if you want to give it a try on the cob. It starts by roasting ears of fresh sweet corn over a very hot grill until well done and lightly charred. The corn is then smothered with a combination of mayo, lime, spice and Mexican cheese.

I’d probably eat Elote every day if I could but it’s not always practical (or possible) to fire up a grill anytime a craving strikes. I was also excited to discover another way of enjoying the incredible flavors and textures of Elote in this easy Mexican corn dip.

Instead of cooking the corn on the grill, you roast it in an oven right in its husk before removing the kernels from the cob and mixing them with a combination of chicken stock, may, hot sauce, lime juice and sugar.

After warming the dip on the stove, chili powder is added for a little additional kick. I serve the dip topped with cheese and cilantro for scooping with tortilla chips.

Elote Recipes

After you give this Elote Mexican Corn Dip recipe a try, you might be inspired to find other ways of enjoying Elote flavors in other dishes.

My friend Rebecca makes this Grilled Mexican Sweet Corn Salad inspired by Elote that can give any other salad a run for its money. These Poblano Black Bean Veggie Burgers are delicious topped with Elote salsa. I’ll happily take this smoky, sweet, and spicy Mexican corn flavor however I can get it.

Mexican Corn Dip

{originally published 9/15/14 – recipe notes and photos updated 1/7/19}

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