Garlic Onion Chicken – Succulent pan-fried chicken smothered in a flavorful and robust garlic onion sauce, this is a weeknight winner! It’s quick and easy, and utterly satisfying. Since everything cooks in one pan, clean up is a breeze too.

A large gray plate containing garlic onion chicken, green leaf salad, and steamed rice.

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Over the years, I’ve gathered enough recipes that are delicious yet simple enough to make any day of the week. These weeknight meals, my true heroes, nourish my family and allow us to have a special time together every night. I am thankful for them, and one of my recipe keepers is this one-pan Garlic Onion Chicken (鶏肉のガーリックオニオンソース). It’s our all-time favorite chicken dinner that boasts crispy skin, juicy meat, and an amazing sauce. I hope it will be your weeknight dinner superhero too!

Everyone’s Favorite: Quick, Easy, Delicious!

It’s quick! While the chicken marinates, you can make steamed rice or a quick side dish (I just tossed together a simple green salad with heirloom tomatoes). When everything else is ready, cook the chicken and serve.

It’s easy! This is one of the first dishes that I learned when I started cooking. With very basic ingredients and minimal approach, it doesn’t get much easier. So yes, you can make it too.

It’s delicious! The criteria for good weeknight recipes have to be more than just quick and easy. If the final dish is not satisfyingly tasty, there’s no reason to keep cooking it. That’s not the case with this Garlic Onion Chicken. It’s so good that I never cease making it for my family.

A large gray plate containing garlic onion chicken, green leaf salad, and steamed rice.

3 Tips to Make Perfect Garlic Onion Chicken

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I believe small care and attention to detail make a difference in the food you make. And it reflects your love in the most delicious way. Here are 3 tips that I recommend for making perfect garlic onion chicken!

1. Prick Chicken Skin with Fork

For this dish, I recommend using skin-on chicken thighs for better flavor and juicy meat. If you live in the US, skin-on thighs typically include bone. You can always ask the butcher to remove it for you (they debone so fast!).

The skin, however, prevents the sauce from absorbing. So we help facilitate the marination by pricking the skin with a fork a few times.

2. Save the marinade for later

When I first started cooking on my own, I had a different assumption that the ingredient should be cooked together with the marinade so that it will become more flavorful. For some food, that may work, but not when you want to have a nicely seared meat.

If you add the sauce to the frying pan together with the chicken, it ends up simmering the meat in the liquid. The chicken will never get crispy brown or any grill marks on the skin. Therefore, remove the marinate the best you could, pan-fry until golden brown, and then add the sauce to simmer down.

3. Spoon the sauce over the chicken

It is a basic tip, yet so easy to overlook. As the sauce simmers down and thicken, spoon it over the chicken several times. This allows the meat to absorb all the wonderful flavors. Even if you’re just making dinner for yourself, put your heart and soul into making it. Small care makes a difference in the end!

A large gray plate containing garlic onion chicken, green leaf salad, and steamed rice.

The Luscious Garlic Onion Sauce

If you have never grated onion for your marinade, you might be surprised by the power of this allium. It not only gives a refreshing taste, but it adds natural sweetness to the sauce.

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Here, I used four cloves of garlic, which may be a little unusual in Japanese recipes, but don’t be afraid to use them. Each chicken thigh gets one garlic clove, so it’s not too bad.

We only marinate for 20-30 minutes and you may wonder if that’s enough. Don’t worry. You will be using the marinade to simmer down later and coat the chicken with this delicious sauce. The chicken will get plenty of flavor from cooking in the sauce, so you don’t need to marinate overnight. Your chicken may end up too salty, so be careful.

A large gray plate containing garlic onion chicken, green leaf salad, and steamed rice.

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A large gray plate containing garlic onion chicken, green leaf salad, and steamed rice.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 2, 2011. The post has been updated with new images and content in November 2019.

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