If you’re more of a savory person than sweet when it comes to the most important meal of the day, we hardly need to tell you how clutch a breakfast burrito can be. But if Tex Mex in the a.m. sounds bizarre to you, hear us out. Breakfast burritos are hearty, portable, freezable (read: fast) and totally customizable in a million different ways. Not convinced? Here are 12 of the most delicious and healthy breakfast burrito recipes from around the web.

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12 Easy Breakfast Burrito Recipes for Busy Mornings

12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Sweet Potato Black Bean Avocado Breakfast Burrito Recipe

1. Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Avocado Breakfast Burritos

These freezer-friendly breakfast burritos are under 300 calories, yet so satisfying. Egg whites deliver protein while the whole-grain wrap and black beans add fiber. The “secret sauce” here, though, is the enchilada sauce, which steps up the flavor and helps the ingredients meld together when reheated. Photo and recipe: Monique / Ambitious Kitchen

Crepes Breakfast Burritos Recipe

2. Gluten-Free Breakfast Burrito

A tapioca flour and potato starch-based crepe makes for a healthy and delicious gluten-free burrito. It’s stuffed with kale, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. And, lest you think we forgot that this is a breakfast wrap, after all, it has plenty of bacon and eggs, too. Photo and recipe: Alexa Schrim / Life by Daily Burn

12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Breakfast Taquitos Recipe

3. Breakfast Taquitos

Late-night freezer snack, meet healthy breakfast dish. We love the spicy Italian sausage in these breakfast taquitos, which are surprisingly simple with just six ingredients. In addition to the sausage, you’ll throw in eggs, sun-dried tomatoes and avocado for your daily dose of healthy fats. Bonus: The small size of taquitos give you some flexibility in serving size, so you can grab exactly the right amount to fill you up. Photo and recipe: Chungah Rhee / Damn Delicious

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12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito Recipe

4. Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

If you love guacamole, you’ll want to check out this vegetarian dish. Hungry Healthy Happy’s take makes everyone’s favorite green condiment the star, with a supporting cast of red peppers, onions, pinto beans, and eggs. Don’t forget the lime to add tang! Photo and recipe: Danii Martin / Hungry Healthy Happy

12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Sweet Potato Burritos Recipe

5. Sweet Potato Black Bean Burrito

You’ll be so busy enjoying the hearty mix of sweet potatoes and black beans in this vegetarian breakfast burrito you won’t even miss the meat or the eggs. Chipotles peppers in adobo add a spicy kick, and kale amps up the nutrient-density with fiber and folate (plus a whole host of other vitamins). Plus, at just 220 calories each, you could easily enjoy two guilt-free. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Vegan Breakfast Burritos Recipe

6. Vegan Breakfast Burritos

Savory, vegan breakfast options are hard to find, which just makes us love this egg-free breakfast burrito recipe even more. Tofu takes the place of eggs, while turmeric, cayenne and apple cider vinegar infuse mouthwatering flavor. Meaty mushrooms add a dose a vitamin D, and bell peppers provide a boost of vitamin C and some crunch. Photo and recipe: Kathy Patalsky / Healthy Happy Life

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12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

7. Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Sweet Potato Hash

Breakfast burritos get a high-class makeover with this delicious recipe featuring herbed goat cheese. The perfect complement to it? A pretty and flavorful sweet potato hash that includes bell pepper and paprika. Toss in black beans to make it just a bit heartier. Photo and recipe: Kathryne Taylor / Cookie and Kate

12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Homemade Breakfast Burritos Recipe

8. Homemade Breakfast Burrito

If you want a simple burrito with few ingredients, this dish is a great place to start. They include the standby favorites: eggs, cheese, bacon and potatoes. The secret, says Lacey, is cooking all of the filling ingredients together in a skillet before tossing them into wraps. Photo and recipe: Lacey Baier / A Sweet Pea Chef

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12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: High-Protein Vegan Breakfast Burrito Recipe

9. High Protein Vegan Breakfast Burrito

This Oh She Glows high-protein, vegan recipe relies on a tofu scramble for the bulk of the filling (and protein), which also includes nutritional yeast. We love that this version mixes the sweet and savory with a pineapple salsa. Mushrooms add more low-calorie but belly-filling heartiness to this burrito. Photo and recipe: Angela Liddon / coral-beachresortsharjah.com

12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Burrito Recipe

10. Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Burrito

The brightness of this vegan breakfast burrito makes it as much a feast for the eyes as the tummy. But don’t be fooled, it tastes as good as it looks. Kale, bell pepper and avocado up the recipe’s nutritional cred, and hummus and cumin give it a Middle Eastern flare. We love Dana’s idea to even try using collard greens as a wrap instead of tortilla. Photo and recipe: Dana Shultz / Minimalist Baker

12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Freezer Vegetable Breakfast Burrito Recipe

11. Freezer Vegetable Breakfast Burrito

This simple recipe channels the classic deliciousness of cheddar-broccoli soup, plus it adds in peppers and onions for a well-rounded wrap. They’re so simple to freeze and reheat — just toss the burritos into a freezer bag, thaw overnight and nuke for a minute. Photo and recipe: Kristine Rosenblatt / Kristine’s Kitchen

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12 Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipes You Can Grab and Go: Paleo Breakfast Burrito Recipe

12. Paleo Breakfast Burrito

Flour tortillas might be a no-go for those following the Paleo diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego breakfast burritos. This Paleo breakfast burrito ingeniously uses a very thin omelet as a wrap. Seasoned ground beef, guacamole and salsa round out the dish. Photo and recipe: Primal Palate

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