Pineapple, strawberries, and grapes are tossed together with a sweet and tangy honey-lime dressing to make this summer fruit salad. It’s finished with a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of poppy seeds.

This is a fabulously refreshing salad for a hot summer day.

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Summer fruit salad with a honey lime dressing

Summer fruit salads are beautifully versatile. They are always a hit at barbecues and picnics and with the fruits in season right now; you can choose your favorites to combine.

The first time I made this salad, I simply worked with the fruit that was already in the house. We liked it so much, I’ve been making it the same way ever since.

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This salad shares a similar honey-lime dressing to the Winter Fruit Salad, if you enjoy these flavors, you’ll want to try that one next you have an abundance of clementine oranges in the house.

The simple honey-lime dressing takes an everyday bowl of fruit up a notch and makes it something special. Just whisk together equal parts honey and lime juice and add a sprinkle of salt. The recipe can be doubled or tripled as much as you like!

Pineapple, berries, and grapes are tossed in a honey lime dressing

Honey Lime Fruit Salad Recipe

Summer Fruit Salad with Poppyseed Honey Lime Dressing

Fruit Salad Recipes

Want a few more great fruit salads to try? The Pineapple Mojito Fruit Salad is a mojito you can eat with a fork and you can call it breakfast. This Frozen Fruit Salad is a great one to keep in the freezer for the hottest of summer days.

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Strawberries with Basil is a flavor combination that I absolutely love and this Basil Fruit Salad makes the most of that. This Light and Creamy Fruit Salad disappears in a blink every time I make. There is rarely a bite leftover.

Fresh strawberries and blueberries are tossed in a very light balsamic vinaigrette to make this Balsamic Berry Salad. I like that salad so much it inspired the Strawberry Spinach Pasta Salad that we all now enjoy as well.

This Red White and Blue Salad is an immediate hit with everyone who tastes it.

Last but not least, no fruit salad list is complete without my favorite summer dessert, Strawberry Pretzel Salad. (It’s a salad in name only – check out those ingredients.) My Aunt Judy gave me the recipe and it will forever be called a salad because it just makes me grin.

{originally published 7/1/13 – recipe notes and photos updated 7/29/20}

Honey Lime Summer Fruit Salad

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