This dutch oven recipe works for both expensive and inexpensive cuts of round roast. If roast wasn’t hearty enough, the potatoes add nicely as a side that won’t leave any mouth hungry.

The focus on this dish is mostly about saving some money and getting an amazing result. If you do have a little left over you might consider pairing this meal up with a nice Bordeaux or Cabernet.

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If you have some expensive cuts of meat and are looking for a few alternatives you can check out this standing rib roast or the delicious chateaubriand.

With great hunks of beef come great responsibility. However…

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As long as you have a great marble on your meat, the effort put in cooking that chunk can be be quite rewarding.

beef round roast 2 min

Cooking a cheap hunk of beef slow and low until it falls apart into shreds is fine, but sometimes I crave more of a carving, slicing situation, with perfectly medium rare beef that I can swipe through a slash of horseradish cream.

Impossible with an inexpensive cut, you say? Nay.

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beef round roast 1 1024x1536 min

This technique is super easy, pretty fast, uses just a handful of ingredients, and is nearly foolproof. In just an hour, you’ll have carveable, craveable slices of beef roast that rival the $17.95 “Queen Cut” special at your local prime rib joint. Well, the scuzzy one, anyway. No, not that one. The one by the check cashing place.

If you want to slice up leftovers you can easily turn this top round roast into a Mexican recipe by making tacos with it.


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