Pasta is already seen by many home cooks to be the quick weeknight meal of choice, but I like to make it even quicker by using angel hair pasta for my rushed weeknight meals. I would guess we have angel hair pasta with some sort of sauce at least once a week at house Macheesmo. Cooking perfect angel hair pasta well though can be a trick because it’s SO thin and fragile.

Cooking perfect angel hair pasta is pretty straightforward, but I think many starter cooks get caught up with the instructions on the box (just throw those out). You will almost certainly overcook your pasta if you follow those.

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Made correctly though, angel hair pasta is one of my favorite pastas. Kids also love it because it’s so thin and easy to eat. It can be ready in literally 10 minutes so it should be in your pantry for sure!

Perfect Angel Hair Pasta

To make things even more confusing, there isn’t really a standard size for what is called angel hair pasta. I’ve seen thin and very thin. Yet another reason to learn to cook it based on sight and texture and forget about exact times.

Angel Hair Pasta dried
Tiny guys

As with any pasta, but probably more so than spaghetti, you need a lot of salted water to make angel hair. It cooks very quickly so you want to make sure the pasta has plenty of room to move around in the little amount of time it will be in the water. I usually shoot for about 4 quarts of water and a tablespoon of kosher salt. Bring that to a boil and toss in the pasta!

Cooking Angel Hair Pasta
Lots of water.

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The angel hair pasta I buy says to cook this pasta for five minutes. If you do that, you will be very disappointed with the soggy results.

Instead, I start with 90 seconds. Then I start checking the pasta. For angel hair, since it’s so thin, you can test it by using tongs to pull it out of the water. The pasta should completely give to gravity. If it has any stiffness to it, then it needs more time. And when I say more time, I mean maybe another 30 seconds.

I tried to catch a snapshot of this phase. This pasta isn’t quite done yet.

Cooking Perfect Angel Hair Pasta
Not quite done.

You want to remove the pasta when it’s completely relaxed, but still has a tiny bite to it. For me, this was two minutes for this particular batch. That’s it. TWO MINUTES!

The pasta isn’t quite done cooking yet though.

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Phase two to cook perfect angel hair pasta is to finish it in a sauce. This could be a butter sauce, cream sauce, or tomato sauce. Finishing it in the sauce allows it to finish cooking slowly and also lets the sauce penetrate the pasta a bit. Move it straight from pasta water to sauce. No straining! You want all that extra pasta water.

For this version, my sauce was a mix of marinara and butter.

Perfect Angel Hair Pasta
Straight to sauce.

After a minute or two in a skillet with the sauce over medium-low heat, the pasta will be perfectly coated with sauce. If it seems too dry, add more pasta water to thin it out.

This is what perfect angel hair pasta looks like!

Perfect Angel Hair Pasta
Ready to go.

Divide it between plates and garnish with parmesan cheese and a little fresh black pepper. Delicious, and most importantly, FAST.

How to Cook Perfect Angel Hair Pasta

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