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If you are wondering how to cook canned corn on the stove, you will be glad to know that it is super easy to do and can be very tasty too.

cook corn from a can in a bowl.

Cooking canned corn on the stove is super easy, but if you’ve never made it before you can be a little unsure on exactly how to make it.

I love having canned goods on hand, especially fruits and vegetables for those busy nights when getting something somewhat healthy on the dinner table is a struggle.

Or, for those times when you hit the end of the month and have a few days to go until payday. You can stock up on canned goods during sales and then use it when you need it.

Or, if you’ve ever done a “shop from your pantry” challenge, you might be trying to figure out how exactly to cook all that canned food. And eating canned corn as a side dish is a perfect way to use up the canned corn.

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We love frozen corn in our house, but sometimes our freezer is bursting at the seams and I know we can’t fit a package of the frozen corn in there, but we can grab a can or two of canned corn and stick it in our cabinet.

Canned Corn Recipe

Here is how we make canned corn. I try to buy super sweet corn, as that is my personal favorite, but any canned corn will work.

two cans of sweet corn and part of a saucepan.

Open you can (or cans, if you have several people eating).

I drain about half the liquid out of the cans. So, if I’m making two cans, I drain one can.

Dump the corn into a saucepot. Stick it on the stove and turn the heat to medium.

You’ll want to stir the corn when you first stick it on the stove and then periodically after that.

I don’t cook our corn for a long time. We like our corn to be firm and not mushy. We also have a gas stove, so our heat output tends to be pretty hot.

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I wait for the corn to start boiling. Once it is boiling, I turn the heat down to about medium-low and let it cook for about 2ish minutes.

Then, take it off the heat and drain the rest of the liquid from the pan.

Add in about 2 tablespoons of butter. You can add in a bit more or less, depending on how much butter you like. Stir that in.

canned corn and pan

Next, season to taste with salt and pepper. I add in a few pinches of salt and big shake of pepper (so the top is sprinkled all over with the pepper. I use a Costco pepper container, so a lot tends to come out, but we like pepper in my house).

APC 0572

Stir the corn until the butter is melted and the salt and pepper is mixed in. It is now ready to eat.

top down view of cooked canned corn in a bowl.

My kids and husband all LOVE canned corn this way. It doesn’t take any time at all to make and is super easy.


Some frequently asked questions about cooking canned corn.

top is a picture of corn and the liquid in a can, middle says "Super easy canned corn", bottom is a closeup picture of cooked corn with the words "Buttery and delicious!" overlayed.

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