Baked Chiles Rellenos

Cheese stuffed chiles with a whipped egg based batter on top, makes these Baked Chiles Rellenos a crave worthy dish. With literally just a couple minutes of prep, and 45 minutes of baking, you will have a tasty, easy meal that is ready to enjoy.

Serve with Best Ever Layered Bean Dip and chips along with a refreshing glass of Mango Orange Mojito (Virgin) for a great meal.

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A white plate with chiles rellenos

I love this recipe because not only is it super easy prep with a yummy end product, it is baked not fried, making it a slightly healthier option.

Plus sometimes you don’t want to wait around the stove to cook chiles. Enjoy some freedom and put chile rellenos in the oven and get some other things done while you wait.

While I love a good, hearty Chile Relleno Casserole, sometimes I want a dish with even less ingredients and one that has no meat, making Baked Chile Rellenos a great choice! And with the egg they can be for dinner or breakfast!

What You Need to Make Baked Chiles Rellenos

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Here is everything you need to make Baked Chiles Rellenos:

  • Whole green chiles, peeled
  • Cheddar Jack Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Hot Sauce
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How to Make Baked Chiles Rellenos

Tips and Tricks

Making this recipe is Eazy Peazy but here are some helpful tips and tricks so It turns out great every time.

  • Different Ingredients: You can use fresh poblanos instead, but it is more work. If you do so, then roast or boil the poblanos first.
  • Cheese: The cheese strip should fit easily into the chile. If this isn’t the case, cut it into a smaller slice, rather than shoving the cheese into the chile and trying to make it fit.
  • Add Extra: Add a little something extra and add warm enchilada sauce as a decadent topper to the dish.
  • Make it Cheesy: Add additional cheese like mozzarella, if your heart so desires.
  • Use Any Cheese That Melts Well: You can sub out the cheese for another one you prefer, just make sure it is a cheese that melts well.
a piece of baked chiles rellenos with the scoop on a spoon

Make Ahead and Storage

Make Ahead:

Fresh is best and since Baked Chile Rellenos are so easy to make, you really don’t need to make them ahead of time.

Any leftovers could be stored in an airtight container in the fridge and then heated up in the microwave, but the quality and integrity of the dish may be compromised,

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Freezer Option:

There is really no freezer option that makes sense time wise.

You could cook and freeze them without the topping, but then you would need to get creative as how to incorporate the topping later.

Baked chiles rellenos

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