Smoked rocky mountain oyster or testicle recipeFries, rocky mountain oysters, eggs, cowboy oysters, balls, or gonads, whatever you call them, the technical name is testicles, and if you’re here, you’re probably looking for a way to eat them. Congratulations, because this is hands-down the best recipe for rocky mountain oysters I’ve ever had-and I’ve eaten plenty.

The first ones I had were from wild boar, and they turned me off for years. All that changed a few years ago when I started working with a lamb and goat farm as a consultant. One of the things I help out with, is finding interesting things they can do with offal-selling as a value added product, as with rendered caul fat, or coming up with interesting recipes like scrapple, that are not only efficient ways to use up odd parts of an animal no one appreciates anymore, but also taste good.

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Testicles were probably my biggest challenge though. Aside from struggling with the cleaning technique there was the taste. Beef or pork testicles are one thing, lamb testicles are another thing entirely-they’re very strong tasting, and the first few things I made with them were a little too much, even for me. That was, until I remembered my favorite gamey meat trick-brining. Brining offal is pure charcuterie magic, and can transform everything from kidneys, brains, sweetbreads, livers and balls into something completely new, and near-unrecognizable.

Once the testicles are brined, they get a quick blanch and peel, then they’re off to the smoker for a gentle cook for an hour and a half, just enough to burnish them a bit from the smoke and give them some good color. The result, compared to un-brined testicles (yes I tried) is remarkable, and really worth trying out if you’re the kind of person or nose-to-tail chef that experiments with offal cookery, as a good meat eater should.

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Seriously, though. These smoked man meats are so mild compared to their original form, that I’d wager you could feed them to just about anyone on a charcuterie platter, cheeseplate, sandwich, or whatever else you can come up with, and they won’t blink an eye, unless you tell them what they’re eating. If you give them a shot, I’d love to hear about it.

Smoked rocky mountain oyster or testicle recipe

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