I Love Squash!

The other day, Jonathan and I were having a conversation about our favorite food season. Mine is definitely fall. I love squash – especially winter ones like butternut, delicata, kabocha and dumpling squash. Cute dumpling squashes make a great side (like this Roasted Dumpling Squash), and are also great when stuffed with all the fall goodies – see my stuffed dumpling squash recipe over here. The dumpling squash is like if a sweet potato, butternut squash and acorn squash had a flavor baby. It’s a little sweet and full of flavor. The texture is almost like a sweet potato – more dense and not as stringy as an acorn squash. I LOVE dumpling squash – probably more than delicata squash (which I never imagined I would say four years ago).

A plate of roasted dumpling squash

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Simple Roasted Dumpling Squash

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I needed a quick, hearty side to go with roasted pork chops last week. We had a leftover dumpling squash hanging out on the counter. I sliced half of it in relatively thin slices, coated the slices in coconut oil, added a little sea salt, and gave them a roast in the oven. I roasted the other half as-is. Both turned out great!

Dumpling squash is high in Vitamins A and C. It’s got a lot of potassium and fiber. This recipe is Whole30, paleo and relatively low carb. It’s also vegan and vegetarian. Perfect for just about everyone!

Quartered roasted dumpling squash

Roasted Slices

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Do you want caramel-flavored, lightly crisped squash slices? I thought so! As long as you spread the slices out in a single layer on parchment when roasting, you will get beautifully caramelized squash slices every time. When sliced thin and properly roasted, the peel on these little guys is edible. I love this about roasted dumpling squash, because peeling them would be a beast. They are lumpy like pumpkins, and who’s got time to peel these guys? Not me!

Roasted Halves

Even the halved roasted dumpling squash got a little crisp and caramelized around the edges. Once cooked, the flesh of the halved dumpling squash scooped out so easily. You will be delighted either way you decide to cook this flavorful squash.

Roasted Dumpling Squash Side Dish

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