This post on cooking frozen potstickers was sponsored by Ling Ling, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I love a good potsticker. I grew up eating them for weekend lunches with my mom and now I make them for my own kids. It’s one of those things I remember so vividly from my childhood and hope I can create those same memories with my children.

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A colorful plate filled with three pot stickers and vegetable fried rice.

But there is a certain way I like frozen potstickers cooked and I swear by this method. We don’t do steamed pot stickers around here. They are called potstickers for a reason and I am going to show you how we make perfectly crisp on the bottom pot stickers every time.

We also swear by the Ling Ling potstickers. They make several different varieties and we love them all. Today, we are making Chicken & Vegetable. I like buying the big bag of Ling Ling potstickers and always have a bag in the freezer. Then we can make as many as we like and they are perfect for last- minute guests.

I have talked about Ling Ling many times on the blog. They make high-quality Asian food with freshly sourced vegetables and savory proteins.

How to make the perfect frozen pot stickers

Start by adding a little oil to a hot pan.

A pan of hot oil next to a bag of Ling Ling potstickers.

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Next, add your pot stickers. You can squish them in there but make sure they are not quite touching. We usually serve something with it or make two pans full for our family of 5.

Frozen pot stickers in a large skillet.

Next, you will add water to the pan. Their are exact measurements depending on your pan size. All of the directions can be found on the bag. I used 3/4 cup of water.

A cup of water being poured into a pan of frozen potstickers.

Wait for the water to come to a boil. This means you want the heat somewhere around medium-high, depending on your stove.

A pan of cooking potstickers next to a bag of Ling Ling chicken pot stickers.

Once the water is boiling, cover and let them steam for 8 minutes, until the water is evaporated. Remove the lid and let them cook for another minute without moving them (that part is important).

A covered pan of potstickers.

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This is where the magic happens and they get golden brown on the bottom. Watch them closely because they will burn if your leave them too long.

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A plate of Ling Ling potstickers and homemade fried rice.

Lunar New Year on February 5th is a great reason to enjoy some Ling Ling potstickers. Since we were having potstickers for lunch, I decided to dig into our January We Craft Box. I knew it was Chinese New Year themed and thought it would be perfect.

A child

We started by making clay Dragon eggs and then moved on to making dragons.

A child

Both girls were really excited. It was the perfect way to spend a day together.

A little girl holding up a toilet paper roll dragon.

And of course the Ling Ling frozen pot stickers were the perfect pairing. Both of my girls love pot stickers and were really excited to have them for lunch. I like to eat my pot stickers with a little bit of red wine vinegar and soy sauce. The Ling Ling signature dipping sauce that comes in the bag is also really yummy – make sure you try it!

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