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If you’ve ever tried miracle noodle rice and been disappointed, you have to give this shirataki rice recipe a try, you won’t regret it! My method for cooking miracle rice is similar to my secret to perfect shirataki noodles… and it ensures that you have nice and chewy rice, that’s close to real rice.

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Cauliflower rice is the most popular keto rice replacement that I make all the time, but shirataki rice is a great alternative when you get tired of that. Just be sure to use my method below, which avoids the acidic flavor and gummy texture that this rice can have directly out of the package.

What Is Miracle Rice?

Miracle rice (I like this brand!) is a natural, rice-shaped, plant-based low carb rice replacement. It’s low in carbs and calories, and it’s gluten-free, which makes it a great option for a keto or low carb diet, or for anyone trying to cut calories.

What is shirataki rice made of?

Shirataki rice is made from the fiber of the Japanese knojac plant. It’s made of 97% water and 3% fiber.

How To Make Shirataki Rice

Shirataki miracle rice isn’t difficult to make, but it is important to follow a few important steps for the right flavor and texture.

How To Prep Miracle Rice

Before we cook, we need to rinse! If you’re familiar with keto shirataki rice, you know that when you open the package it will smell… BAD! This is totally normal.

And it’s also why it’s important that the rice is rinsed very well.

Rinsed miracle noodle rice in a colander

How To Cook Shirataki Rice

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Once the rice has been rinsed, it’s time to cook it:

  • Boil. Add konjac rice to a saucepan of boiling water and boil for 3 minutes.

Saucepan with boiling miracle rice in water

  • Dry. Drain the rice and pat the rice dry with paper towel.
  • Saute. Heat a large heavy bottomed skillet and saute dried rice for 10 minutes.

TIP: We’re sauting the rice dry, don’t add oil yet. This helps improve the texture.

Sauteed shirataki rice recipe in skillet

  • Season. Toss with avocado oil, salt, and pepper to taste. I also add a sprinkle of sliced green onions.

Seasoned miracle rice in a skillet

Shirataki Rice FAQs

Where to buy shirataki rice?

Some health food stores will carry shirataki rice, but it’s also really simple to get directly online. It’s shelf-stable, so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated while it’s sealed in the package.

Tap here to order miracle rice right to your front door.

Is shirataki rice keto friendly?

Yes, because miracle noodle rice is so low in calories and carbs, it’s a great keto option.

How many carbs in miracle rice?

Each serving of miracle rice has ZERO grams net carbs! Each serving has 3 grams carbohydrates and 3 grams fiber, so they cancel each other out.

What does shirataki rice taste like?

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Much like miracle noodles, the flavor of konjac rice doesn’t taste much like anything – it takes on the flavor of the dish you make with it. But also like miracle noodles, if you don’t prepare miracle rice properly, it can have a rubbery texture and an acidic flavor. Use my method to avoid this!

Bowl of shirataki rice with chopsticks

Storage Instructions

Can you make it ahead?

Yes, you can make miracle rice recipes ahead. Here’s how you can prep ahead:

  • Drain and rinse.
  • Boil rice and pat dry.
  • Dry saute in a hot skillet.
  • Store in the refrigerator.

When you’re ready to eat, heat with oil, salt, pepper, or any other spices or garnishes you like.

Can you freeze shirataki rice?

No, do not freeze shirataki rice.

Reheating instructions:

Reheat shirataki rice recipes in a hot skillet for best results.

Bowl of shirataki rice with green onion

Ways To Use Shirataki Rice

This recipe for miracle rice is very basic, which means you can take it in so many different directions. Serve it anywhere that calls for rice, or try one of the ideas below:

  • Cajun – Season the rice with Cajun seasoning and serve with fried cabbage and sausage or keto gumbo.
  • Asian – Add the miracle noodle rice to recipes like egg roll in a bowl or serve Hunan beef or slow cooker Mongolian beef over a bed of rice.
  • Mexican – Add cooked rice to ground beef casserole, serve on the side of Instant Pot steak fajitas, or serve cheesy taco skillet over rice.
  • Soups – Stir rice into soups like keto chili, stuffed pepper soup, or cabbage soup with ground beef.
  • Packaged Konjac Rice – This is my preferred brand for this miracle rice recipe on Amazon. You can also order it here.
  • Colander – Rinsing the rice before using it in this shirataki rice recipe is a must.
  • Heavy Bottomed Skillet – This is the best skillet to use for the dry saute method we’re using in this shirataki rice recipe.

Shirataki rice recipe pin

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