Kielbasa is one of the most famous and the best food from Poland. People all over the world love it. No wonder why- it’s tasty, filling, and always made of the highest quality of meat. You have already bought kielbasa and now what? I am here to help you! Keep on reading to find out how to cook Polish sausage.

About Kielbasa

Traditional Polish kielbasa is made of pork meat. However, you can buy kielbasa made of poultry, fish, or tofu (vegetarian kielbasa) in Poland. It’s less popular but still not that difficult to find.

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There are many types of Polish sausage, the most popular includes:

  • zwyczajna (basic, “cheaper” kielbasa; it has an orange or brownish color)
  • wiejska (smoked kielbasa, it has a dark brown color)
  • biala kielbasa (white Polish sausage, it’s not smoked that why it’s white; usually served for Easter)
  • parowki (also known as the Vienna sausage; it’s usually used for hot dogs, it’s served for breakfast in Polish hotels and hostels); see my koziołki recipe;
  • serdelki (thick parowki, they are usually made of pork and veal)
  • kabanosy (thin, long, smoked dark brown sausage, that’s always served cold)
  • kaszanka (also known as kiszka, it’s Polish blood sausage)
  • krakowska sucha (thick kielbasa made of grounded meat; usually served on sandwiches, thinly sliced)

How To Cook Kielbasa?

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If you wonder how to cook Polish sausage, this post will help you.

To start with, you need to know that all kielbasa except for the white, raw Polish kielbasa can be eaten cold, without cooking. You can slice it and put on the sandwich or dip in ketchup and bite it.

However, it tastes way better warm. Here is how you can cook Polish sausage:

Boiling Polish Sausage

How To Boil Polish Sausage?

It’s probably one of the most popular ways to cook Polish sausage. People in Poland often eat it for breakfast, as it’s super fast to prepare. Here is how to boil Polish sausage:

How Long To Boil Kielbasa?

About 10 minutes. Kielbasa should stay in hot water for at least 5 minutes to make sure it’s warm inside.

How to serve boiled Kielbasa sausages?

Boiled Polish sausage tastes best with ketchup, mustard, and bread.

Grilled Polish Sausage

How To Cook Polska Kielbasa On A Grill?

If you are not a vegetarian and you live in Poland, you will eat grilled Polish sausage at least once during the warm months (May-October). Poles love their kielbasa grilled!

It’s very easy to cook, either on the electric or barbeque grills.

How Long To Grill Kielbasa?

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5-15 minutes on each side (depending on the temperature).

Pan-Fried Polish Sausage

How To Cook Polska Kielbasa In A Skillet?

It’s the best way to cook Polish sausage if you want to serve it with add-ons, such as:

  • onion
  • kapusta kiszona (sauerkraut)
  • mushrooms
  • many more

How Long To Cook Kielbasa In A Skillet?

About 5-10 minutes on each side, the heat should be medium.

How to serve pan-fried Kielbasa?

Baked Polish Kielbasa

Polish sausage baked on the stove tastes amazing, especially when served with potatoes and onion. Its skin is crispy and it has an amazing flavor.

How To Cook Polish Sausage In Oven?

Simply set the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, slit the sausages and add them along with any toppings ot the oven. Sprinkle with oil and cook for about 45 minutes.

How Long To Bake Kielbasa?

It takes about 30- 45 minutes to bake kiełbasa in an oven.

Bonfire Polish Sausage

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Bonfire sausages are absolutely delicious!

It’s my favorite way of cooking kielbasa. It gets the wonderful wooden flavor, its skin is crispy and delicious!

Cooking it over a fire is possible when it’s warm enough outside.

There is no rocket science about it.

  1. Start a campfire.
  2. Find a long stick and put the sausage on it.
  3. Hold it above the fire for about 15 minutes until it’s ready to eat!

You can put it between the two slices of bread, add some sauces such as mayo, mustard, or ketchup and eat it like a hot dog.

Cooking Kielbasa On Distilled Spirit (95% abv)

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I bet you haven’t heard of this way of cooking Polish sausage! This method is unique but also very easy. You can do it anywhere, all you need is a distilled spirit (not vodka!), a sausage, a plate, and matches.

Place kielbasa on a plate and pour one shot of distilled spirit (95% abv) over it. Put it on fire and wait until the fire goes out. That’s it! Polish kielbasa is ready to eat.

Here’s a video of how I cooked kielbasa on distilled spirit:

Please stay cautious while using this method! You need to control the fire, don’t put any easy-to-burn materials close to the plate. Don’t touch the plate when the fire goes out, as it will be very hot.

This method is not advised for kids and teens.

Other Ways To Cook Polish Sausage

How to cook sausage in microwave?

Every microwave is different, so it’s kind of hard to answer this question. If it has a grilling option, you can use it to get the crispy skin.

You can also heat it up and have it with mustard or ketchup.

How to cook frozen sausage?

The best way is to put it in the pot with cold water and let it slowly cook. It will be ready to eat after about 15 minutes. Don’t let the water boil!

Best Polish Food With Kiełbasa

Kielbasa can be served solo, however, there are many authentic Polish dishes with sausage, including:

  • garnek chłopski- Polish potatoes and sausage
  • Polish lecso
  • bigos
  • fasolka po bretońsku- breton beans

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