Ninja Foodi rice both brown and white is easy to make! Here are tips on how to make the best pressure cooker rice so it’s done fluffy every single time.

Ninja Foodi rice directions are different from our Instant Pot white rice. In this post we’re sharing how to make fluffy brown rice too.

It is versatile, naturally gluten free, and brown rice has fiber in it which we all need.

Since this time we have perfected pressure cooker brown rice too. I don’t make this quite as often as white is our favorite.

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BUT I will say it is more tender and fluffy than I’ve ever had it at a restaurant.

I will admit that we make white rice in the pressure cooker 90% of the time. My kids prefer that, and I kinda’ do too.

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I am however trying to eat healthier and brown rice is on my radar to integrate into my diet more often.

  • Using the timing below to make Ninja Foodi rice will ensure that you’ll have fluffy white or brown rice every single time!

Tips for making the perfect pressure cooker rice

  1. After combining your rice and water stir them together
  2. Keep track of timing when it is done
    1. Do a 10 minute natural release for white rice
    2. Allow brown rice to naturally release steam for 5 minutes, then release the rest immediately after that
    3. Fluff when done
    4. Turn pot off when done. I even transfer it to a serving bowl so it doesn’t continue to cook in the pot.

Serve immediately for best results.

What you need to make rice in your Ninja Foodi pressure cooker and air fryer

  • Rice
    • brown rice
    • or white rice – I prefer Jasmine
    • how to make Ninja Foodi Mexican rice
  • Water
    • you can also use half water and half broth
  • You literally need NO Ninja Foodi accessories to make this

We also have a recipe to make Ninja Foodi risotto too if you’d like to try that.

instant pot risotto

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Things to serve over rice

  1. Our Ninja Foodi roast recipe was served with white rice
    1. Or Ninja Foodi sausage
  2. Pressure cooker beef and broccoli is on top a bed of rice
  3. This mild chili recipe.
  4. Our pressure cooker spicy honey chicken is amazing too

We put pressure cooker chili on top all of the time too.

Find more Ninja Foodi recipes here too!

This is the best rice recipe for pressure cookers. You won’t be disappointed.

Note: higher altitudes may require more water to get the same results.

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