If you like Mexican food, you’ve probably eaten tomatillos, or Mexican husk tomatoes, many times. And if you love salsa verde (green salsa), you have absolutely eaten tomatillos. While most people have had tomatillos in their Mexican dishes, many still haven’t cooked with them. I bought my first fresh tomatillos to make salsa verde. I took them home, had a look at that papery shell on the outside and realized I didn’t have a clue! I had to google how to cut them, whether I should peel it, and what about that pulp inside?

how to cut tomatillosA lot of people think salsa verde is made from raw tomatillos, like red tomato salsa. But, raw tomatillos can taste tangy and acidic. People do eat them raw, but their flavor is more mellow and sweet when cooked, so most people prefer to roast or sauté them before adding them into a dish. The canned tomatillos in stores have already been roasted.

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I’ve included instructions for broiling, roasting and sautéing tomatillos in the recipe below. When tomatillos are roasted or broiled, then seasoned with salt and pepper, cilantro, oregano, or cumin, they are a great addition to tacos and sandwiches.

Tomatillos can be found in the grocery stores for most of the year, but the tomatillo season is generally from early summer through fall.

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You might be interested in these recipes for using tomatillos:

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