All about Quail Eggs. How to hard boil quail eggs, peel & crack quail eggs and other quail egg stuff you need to know.

All about Quail Eggs |

It’s a not so funny thing.

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I have chickens. My hens are loved and well cared for, free ranged & eat the best of the best. They’re happy, spoiled little chickies, living the good life.

In return, they graciously give us fresh eggs. Seriously, some of the best eggs ever. Beautiful marigold yolks tell the tale of the quality of the chickens diets.

Then as luck would have it, I find myself suffering from an egg allergy. Scratch that, it’s an egg intolerance. An egg allergy causes a serious allergic reaction from just trace amounts. So far (knock on wood) I can eat a slice of cake that has an egg or two in the batter, but I can’t eat a scrambled egg.

Hard Boiled Quail Eggs |

I tried changing the chickens food & diets. No luck. I tried eggs from other free range farms. No luck. I tried gluten-free, gmo free eggs from another farm. Nope. I tried various store bought eggs. No dice.

I was convinced that duck eggs would be the answer. Then quail eggs. Then guinea hens eggs. I was sadly mistaken. It was one sad failure after another.

Moving along. The “pity-party” is over. I’m seeing another specialist in the near future that can hopefully help me with some of these depressing food allergies.

Let’s talk quail eggs.

All about Quail Eggs |

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I was going to start raising quail this year. My family loves quail eggs and I have a super-picky little eater who requests “tiny eggs” so I always keep a few dozen around.

Besides being bite-sized and absolutely adorable, there are a few other differences.

All about Quail Eggs |

I have always preferred them over chicken eggs. They have a higher yolk to white ratio which gives you a much richer egg. The flavor of chicken eggs & quail eggs are very similar – but – I find that boiled quail eggs do not need to be salted.

Quail eggs are a bit more nutritious. I won’t bore you with the details but you can read the breakdown of nutrition info on both eggs here.

The other interesting thing is that quail eggs can be eaten raw.

All about Quail Eggs |

I have vocally expressed my opinion against eating raw chicken eggs a few times before. It’s a BIG no due to the risk of salmonella. I constantly hear it’s okay to use fresh, organic chicken eggs from small, local farms raw. Sorry, it’s not. I have fresh and organic eggs every single day – so fresh, they’re warm. Guess what – I’m not consuming any of those eggs raw.

So back to the quail eggs. They’re safe to eat raw – so using them in mayo, aioli, pastas, mashed potatoes, desserts, protein shakes, booze – whatever – it’s all good.

Hard Boiled Quail Eggs |

A lot of folks recommend eating the shell for added health benefits. I’ve always passed on that one.

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Quail eggs are a bit tricky to crack, but I’ve found a small sharp knife does the trick. I crack it with the knife & then cut it open. I crack a few at a time in a bowl if I’m frying or scrambling them. I recently bought a little cutter gadget for quail eggs – it does makes the job easier.

Hard Boiled Quail Eggs | PicMonkey Collage 1Peeling boiled quail eggs is tricky if you don’t cook them the right way. (Recipe follows) When peeling, gently crack the bottom of the egg. I find it easiest to peel from the bottom, taking care to get under the membrane. My daughter finds it easiest to roll the egg between her hands, gently cracking the entire shell, and then peeling.

Hard Boiled Quail Eggs |

Quail eggs fry up quickly & look absolutely adorable – so sunny-side-up quail eggs are a must. Here is a recipe for Bacon Wrapped Asparagus topped with Quail Eggs. Simple & delicious and just a bit fancy 🙂

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Bundles Topped with Sunnyside-up Quail Eggs |

If you wanted to bake with quail eggs – you would substitute 3-4 quail eggs for each large chicken egg.

I have one more piece on eggs to share yet and will probably publish it in the next few weeks. I’ll be comparing quail, guinea, chicken & duck eggs – it’s a glimmer of egg happiness in these sad egg-free times for me. Lol.

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Hard Boiled Quail Eggs |

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