When I posted this recipe 4 years ago I had no idea it would be this popular! I mean, I loved it! FRESH fruit inside cakes, donuts, pastries, crepes, make a HUGE difference. The best part this easy cake filling recipe is done in just about 10 minutes. BAM! No need to use anything canned or fake, Make this fresh fruit filling and it’ll turn every dessert into the best you ever had.

white layered cake with fresh fruit filling

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  1. Fresh fruit! Choose what you prefer or whatever is in season! If you are using a fruit with a skin- like peaches, peal them first and then chop.
  2. Lemon
  3. Sugar
  4. Water
  5. Corn Starch

That’s it! As for gadgets you might want to grab-

  • a potato masher
  • a fine strainer (to remove clumps or seeds if desired)
  • of course, a sauce pan, do I really need to say that 🙂

three jars of different berry cake filling


Wash and prep your fruit. I LOVE to make berry fillings. You can totally combine different berries and fruit too. Make a triple berry, or strawberry peach, ooo or pineapple mango filling. The cake filling world is your oyster! Just make sure you have at least 4 full cups of fruit.

  1. In a pan combine ALL your ingredients!

pan with raspberries, corn starch, sugar, water and lemon

2. Bring your ingredients to a boil. The fruit will start to soften and turn to mush. I like to use a potato masher and help the fruit really crushed well.

pan with potato smasher crushing berries

Let the sauce boil for a couple of minutes coming to a thick jam-like texture.

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cake filling in pan

If you prefer your fruit filling without any seeds or and clumps then strain it through a fine strainer.

cake filling being strained through the fine strainer

You’ll be left with a beautiful, fresh, silky fruit filling.

bowl of fruit filling


1,How many cups does this make when finished. A. This recipe reduces down to about 3 cups of fresh fruit filling. It is enough filling for a three layered cake

cakes with fruit filling and frosting

2. Can I just use Jam for cake filling instead of this? A. This fresh fruit cake filling is not as sweet as jam is- making it a perfect pairing for cakes, pastries and other really sweet desserts. It helps keep the balance of desserts not being so sweet you can’t taste the other flavors and textures you are eating. Also, jams contain a lot of preservatives which is not needed for cakes and desserts when they are typically going to be eaten with in a few hours- few days.

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3. Can I use frozen fruit? A. YES! while i love to taste of fresh fruit sometimes that’s not possible all year round. Or if you have frozen your own produce it’ll have much of the same quality taste too!.

three jars of different fruity cake filling


I love it in this AMAZING White Cake Recipe

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This delicious homemade sour cream pound cake is perfect!

Or put it in a trifle with fresh fruit and pudding!

a slice of fluffy white cake

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