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One of the most common questions I get is: “How can I make my smoothie thicker?” I get excited about this question because I love making super thick spoonable smoothies. My smoothies are the consistency of ice cream- the thicker the better! These bowls are the perfect base for plenty of tasty toppings! Now you can make tasty smoothie bowls at home!

Here are five tips and tricks for making a smoothie thicker.

How to make a super thick smoothie

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  1. Use frozen fruit or freeze fruit overnight

    I always have a stash of bananas in the freezer because they’re perfect in smoothies! Mango, pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries are also great in the freezer. Plus, frozen fruit tends to be cheaper, and you can find fruit that might not be in season! Budget-friendly and delicious? That’s a win-win.

  2. Freeze some of the liquid

    If you typically use orange juice in your smoothies, freeze some of it in an ice cube tray and add those to your smoothies! I don’t recommend freezing almond milk, as it will separate when frozen. But it tastes the same when blended up in a smoothie, so you can try it if you like it super thick! Freezing your liquid works really well if you like using juice in your smoothie.

  3. Use the minimum amount of liquid

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    The better the blender, the less liquid you’ll have to use. If you don’t have a fancy blender, you might need a bit more liquid but try to only use a little at a time while you’re blending. If you add too much, it’ll be runny. I start with a little bit and add an extra splash if it’s too thick to blend.

  4. Add a scoop of raw oats or chia seeds

    A handful of oats can add thickness to your smoothie while also adding in some extra protein and fiber! I love tossing in some oats in this peach cobbler smoothie. You don’t need to cook them, just add them in raw! Adding in a tablespoon of chia seeds will add healthy fats that also make your smoothie thicker! They’re a natural thickener. This can be especially helpful if you’re not eating your smoothie right away. After just a few minutes, the chia will start to absorb liquid from the smoothie, and the seeds will expand, creating a thicker texture.

  5. Blend protein powder or greens first

    If you want to add protein powder or spinach to your smoothie, blend it with a little bit of liquid first. This will help breakdown the greens easily before you add in other ingredients that will make your smoothie thick. This also works well if you’re using protein powder, so you can avoid any grittiness in your smoothie bowl.

Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Need tips for better blending? Here’s how to get the best results from your blender!cauliflower smoothie in blender

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If you’re curious about what’s in that smoothie bowl pictured above, here’s the recipe!


cauliflower smoothie bowl

Looking for more topping ideas? Here are my favorite smoothie bowl toppings!

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