Egg Free Garlic Aioli (aka Toum)

If you have ever done a Whole30, you will know how big a thing homemade Mayonnaise is. It is used as a base for dips, sauces and dressings as well as a spread on burgers and sandwiches. As easy as homemade mayonnaise is to make, I have always felt sympathy for vegans or those who can’t tolerate eggs, because finding a good egg free mayonnaise can be a struggle.

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Egg Free Garlic Aioli

All you need is 3 INGREDIENTS to make this Whole30 egg free mayonnaise. This is actually a very common Lebanese condiment called Toum, and it very closely resembles garlic aioli. Be warned, if you don’t like garlic or have a lot of vampire friends then you should just move on, this is not the recipe for you.

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Egg Free Garlic Aioli Are you ready for a bit of magic? All you need is a bulb of garlic, a mild oil and lemon juice and voila, you have a heavenly spread!

Egg Free Garlic Aioli (aka Toum)

I have to warn you that there is a bit of science behind making this. You can’t just toss everything into a container and hope for the best. Like traditional mayonnaise the oil and lemon needs to be added in very slowly to allow the emulsifiers in the garlic to release and stabilize the sauce into a thick and smooth mayonnaise consistency. The key is to add the liquid very very slowly.

Egg Free Garlic Aioli (aka Toum)Another awesome fact about this recipe for Whole30 Egg Free Mayonnaise, unlike traditional mayonnaise, this stuff lasts for weeks in the fridge, so although this recipe makes a large quantity, you can use it over a month or so.

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How do you use toum? The exact same way you would use mayonnaise. You can serve it on hamburgers or stir it into a salad dressing, as a sauce with fish, meat or grilled vegetables, or stirred into a dip, the possibilities are truly endless.

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