If you are going try any Jamaican recipe, try this Jamaican curry chicken recipe. Seasoned well, cooked down in a savoury curry sauce. Busting with flavour, this delicious dish is one for chicken lovers.

Jamaican curry chicken recipe

Original Jamaican Curry Chicken is…

… chicken chopped into small pieces, seasoned with Jamaican herbs and spices, made bright yellow with Jamaican curry powder.

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Carrot and white potato are added to give the dish a bit more body and help thicken the curry sauce. This stuff is liquid gold!

Which Curry Powder To Use

Jamaican curry powder gives the dish the bright yellow colour that Jamaican curry dishes have. If your curry turns out more reddish-brown you know that you are not using Jamaican curry powder.

What You Need

Here is what you will need for this curry chicken recipe!

curry chicken ingredients
  • Chicken: Skin removed and chopped into small pieces.
  • Curry powder: Use Jamaican curry powder.
  • All-purpose seasoning: I use all-purpose but chicken seasoning is just as good.
  • Pimento (all-spice), thyme, onion, ginger, garlic, scallion, scotch bonnet pepper: essential flavour
  • Carrot and white potato: in every Jamaican curry.

How To Marinate Jamaican Curry Chicken

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Marinating the chicken…

Untitled design 4 min

Add all the ingredients to the chicken except the potato and the carrot. Rub the seasoning into the chicken to coat it well. Leave the chicken to marinate, the longer the chicken is marinated, the more flavour is infused.


This curry chicken recipe is sometimes made with coconut milk. Coconut milk adds body and a rich flavour to the dish.

I usually add coconut milk when I know my side dish doesn’t contain coconut milk.

What To Serve It With

Curry chicken goes well with just about any side dish. However, in Jamaica, it is usually served with rice.

Jamaican curry chicken recipe

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Jamaicans mainly serve curry chicken with boiled white rice but it is also served with rice and pea for Sunday dinners. Curry chicken also goes well with hard food.

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