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What do you do when you have extra watermelon? Make watermelon juice, or better yet, watermelon mimosas! They are a fun twist on classic orange mimosas. These refreshing brunch (or any time) cocktails are supremely simple, but I couldn’t keep the idea to myself. We can’t let good watermelon go to waste.

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Here’s the trick with watermelon mimosas: they’re only as good as your watermelon. I recently bought a mini watermelon that was pale pink and kind of sour on the inside, and that watermelon would have made lousy watermelon mimosas.


I used a pretty standard store-bought watermelon to make these, but I’m still day dreaming about the sugar baby watermelon I bought at a farmers’ market four years ago when I made that first batch of watermelon juice. Picking out all the seeds wasn’t my favorite activity, but it was worth it.

If mimosas aren’t your favorite, check out my spicy watermelon margaritas from last summer. Also, I tried out Alexa’s trick for cutting watermelon on July 4th, and it was a big hit with my family, so that’s another fun way to prepare watermelon. Cheers to summertime!

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how to make watermelon juice

Learn how to make watermelon mimosas, so easy! coral-beachresortsharjah.com

Super simple and refreshing watermelon mimosas - coral-beachresortsharjah.com


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