How to make snacking cheese curds - a simple cooked curd cheese

Squeaky cheese curds are a cooked cheddar-style cheese that hasn’t been fully pressed and aged. They are a delicious snack, and really work well as a melting cheese for pizza or poutine! (How can you tell that I’m Canadian?)

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Learning to Make Cheese

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Making cheese curds is a good place to start for anyone wanting to experiment with homemade hard cheese. It involves all the same steps as cheddar, without the aging process. So it doesn’t require a proper cheese press, waxing or an aging cave.

If you want to make a simple aged cheese, then try farmhouse cheese, which is a simplified version cheddar cheese.

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This recipe assumes that you have a basic knowledge cheesemaking, if you are uncertain about any of the steps, or need more information on the equipment and supplies, please read through all of the Cheesemaking topics.


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