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Don’t you hate it when the filling of your Chicken Burrito falls out and you end up with a chaotic mess on your hands? This one won’t! Juicy, cheesy, flavour loaded chicken burrito filling keeps everything together as you munch your way through.

Eat some now, freeze some for later – you can even reheat from frozen!

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Close up of stacked Chicken Burrito

Chicken Burritos

One of my biggest gripes about Burritos (other than how ridiculously gigantic they can be, far wider than any normal human mouth) is that by the time you get halfway through, you’ve got burrito explosion on your hands.

Rolling technique comes into play – the firmer it’s rolled, the better it holds together. The filling you choose also has an effect – Shredded Beef and Shredded Chicken holds together pretty well.

But chopped chicken more often than not comes tumbling out a few bites in. As for the last few bites – forget about it. It’s just one big diabolical mess (albeit a delicious one).

Which is why I make my chicken burrito filling using refried beans which not only holds everything together, it makes the filling juicy and adds extra flavour!

Seasoned Mexican Chicken for Chicken Burrito

Chicken Burrito filling being cooked in a skillet

What you need for Chicken Burritos

Here’s what you need. PLUS TORTILLAS! How did I forget the single most important ingredient for this recipe?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Ingredients in Chicken Burrito

Refried beans are the secret ingredient that fills it out and holds everything together

I’ve used seasoned Mexican Red Rice here which is my favourite to stuff into burritos. But feel free to use plain white rice – the Chicken Burrito Filling has so much flavour you won’t feel deprived!

How to make Chicken Burritos

And here’s how I make it:

How to make Chicken Burrito

  • Sear chicken seasoned with a homemade Burrito spice mix, then chop it up;

  • Make burrito filling – sautéed onion, capsicum/bell peppers, refried beans, and add the chicken. The filling should be juicy and wet, but not watery – otherwise it will make the burrito soggy;

  • Pile filling, corn, rice, coriander/cilantro and cheese on a tortilla, then roll up tightly;

  • Bake or panfry to melt the cheese and warm it all up!

Few things in life rival the sense of smug satisfaction when you’ve got a stash of burritos in the freezer…. and you can reheat from frozen!

Hand picking up Chicken Burrito

How to freeze burritos

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Burritos are PERFECT for freezing, making them the ideal standby homemade convenience meal! To freeze, just wrap in paper then foil, place in an airtight container or ziplock bags then freeze.

To reheat:

  • thaw then oven for 15 minutes; OR

  • reheat from frozen for 40 minutes.

Dunking Chicken Burrito into Avocado Sauce

Dunking Sauce for Burrito

You’ll find the filling for these Chicken Burritos is juicier than most, thanks to the refried beans. So you don’t even need a sauce.

However, I am never one to say no to a sauce for dunking or drizzling or dolloping or smearing, so here are some suggestions:

Sauce for burritos

The Avocado Sauce is pictured in the photo above. But the Queso is secretly my favourite. Seriously, imagine a burrito dunked in a warm Cheesy Mexican Dip?? – Nagi x

Watch how to make it

Burrito Fever

I love a good burrito….so handy to have a stash in the freezer!

Life of Dozer

Food Porn for Dogs.

Dozer checking out burrito on screen

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