Hershey bar with chocolate curls

Curling the chocolate

Chocolate curls can add so much to a dessert. You can turn an ordinary desserts into show-stoppers just using a vegetable peeler. And they’re so much fun to make! Here we’ll show you how to make chocolate curls.

plate of chocolate curls with vegetable peeler

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To make a curl, use a standard vegetable peeler on a large, room temperature Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar (no nuts). Gently peel strips off the bar, rotating as the chocolate warms in your hands. Try to dig in to the bar a little and get a grip on the chocolate. If you have cold hands, or you can’t shave curls off the bar, consider placing the chocolate bar in the microwave for 10 seconds ONLY.

Be creative!

Get creative – see how long you can make a curl before it breaks off. It’s fun to experiment with different sized curls. You can make thin curls, wide curls, spiral curls, “C” shaped curls, and tiny shavings. Note all the different shapes and sizes of curls on the Chocolate Meringue Torte below A variety of curls really adds to your presentation! Once you have enough curls, set them aside in the refrigerator to keep them firm. They’re quite delicate, so you don’t want to handle them until you’re ready to use them.

pulling out a slice of chocolate torte covered with chocolate curls

Look like a pro!

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For a dessert that’s covered in chocolate curls like the chocolate meringue torte above, or the chocolate cake below, you’ll probably use an entire large Hershey’s chocolate bar. For smaller jobs, a regular bar will do. The simple addition of chocolate curls can elevate your dessert into something special with professional flair.



top of chocolate cake covered with chocolate curls

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