Homemade Chocolate LollipopsMake these easy homemade chocolate lollipops for a delicious homemade holiday gift! P.S. Be sure and save some for yourself!

Can I tell you about my latest Saturday morning?

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I promise you I’ll be quick since I know the main reason you’re here is for the homemade chocolate lollipops!

Anyways, this past Saturday I had a lovely morning…

With the tree decorated, the house clean, the kids on vacation (no homework!), AND, no kids sporting events to attend, I managed to spend the morning relaxing in front of a warm fire, coffee in hand, watching Ina on the Food Network Channel.

You all know who Ina is, right?

No worries if you don’t. After all, my celebrity savvy husband, Mr. Spicy, had no clue who Ina was when he joined me in front of the fire to watch Food Network TV with me.

Here’s how our conversation went…

Mr. Spicy-“What are you watching?”

Me-“I’m watching The Barefoot Contessa on a holiday food tour of London.”

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Mr. Spicy-“Who????”

Me-“You know…Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa.”

Mr. Spicy {with glazed look in his eyes}-“Huh??????”

OK-I think you get the picture…

Mr. Spicy is no stranger to cooking shows but his tastes run more towards Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, than the likes of Ina.

But, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Londonophile that he is, a few minutes in to Ina’s foodie tour of London, Mr, Spicy was hooked!

Which brings me to this lollipop post.

In the episode we watched, Ina visits a chocolate shop in London where they make lollipops. She then demonstrates how to make them for her effortlessly chic yet causal holiday luncheon {all you Ina fan’s know what I’m talking about!}, and Ian {and SiSi now awake and watching with us} both announce how easy it would be to make our own chocolate lollipops.


Off I went to the store in search of lollipop sticks and lollipop fixins’…

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lollipop sticksfixins

And, came home, and got straight to chocolate lollipop making!

Here’s how you can make your own homemade chocolate lollipop’s too…

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P.S. Here’s the link to Ina’s recipe.

Homemade Chocolate LollipopsSiSi and her friend “An” helped me make a bunch yesterday.

Homemade Chocolate LollipopsFunny how Ian, the instigator in lollipop making, managed to watch his beloved Chargers formerly beloved Chargers {until they moved to LA!} instead of helping us make the lollipops. He did manage to enjoy a lolly though, and the Chargers even won, so I guess it was good he was cheering them on to victory 🙂

No matter though…

These were so fun and easy to make that we will be making a bunch more to give out as presents this year.

Homemade Chocolate LollipopsHappy Holidays!!!

Are you a Barefoot Contessa fan like me? Ladies-Does you husband or significant other have any idea who Ina is? What would be your favorite lollipop toppings????

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