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I was in a bind. I had 24 hours to figure out how to feed 10 people. And I didn’t have a plan. So unlike me-I always have a plan. So, I pulled an old recipe out and, my reward? I totally had all my guests oohing and aahhhing over my Easy Chopped Beef BBQ {AKA Easy Brisket in the Oven}. They could have sandwiches, they could have slices-they let it melt in their mouth and fall apart on the plate. So good, no one held back from getting seconds.

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Now, I wouldn’t recommend trying to make this in a hurry. Actually, let me make that more clear: there is no way to make this recipe in a hurry. If you try, it will be tough as a boot, yucky and your guests will absolutely not be impressed-unless it’s in awe of the size of your tears as you throw away all that what-could-have-been-wonderful-meat. That being said, if you have the time to do this right, it’s the easiest party food ever.

Literally. I am not kidding.

I even felt bad writing this up as a recipe because it was so simple, easy and fast (on my part). I was done in 5 minutes. But, at the urging of my mom, I decided that it’s not about how long it takes to cook something-but how awesome it is when you serve it. So, here it is, my lovelies, a wonderful recipe for easy chopped beef bbq…also known as easy brisket in the oven. Either way you slice it (hehehehe-bad pun totally intended), it’s a yummy party food and totally worth the effort. HA!

The only trick is to make sure it reaches an internal temp of 230-degrees (so that it’s fully cooked). I have this awesome little oven alarm thermometer from Thermoworks with a probe that can be left in the meat and alerts me when it’s hot enough. I’m kind of in love with it…so check it out, it’s very awesome.

Easy Chopped Beef BBQ {AKA Easy Brisket in the Oven} fb

Easy Chopped Beef BBQ {AKA Easy Brisket in the Oven}

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So, get a brisket and make your awesome yumminess. And be sure to pick up a thermometer-makes cooking a brisket in the oven all so much easier.

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Oh, and leave me a comment to let me know how yours works out! I’d love to hear from you.

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