If you could describe the essence of this summer for you, what would it look like? For me this year, it’s drinking plum wine at the beach.

We picked some wild plums last month, and quickly turned them into an easy wine. And on every sunny evening available to us, we have been packing up a picnic dinner and driving the short 45 minutes to Felixstowe Ferry. It’s like having our own private beach- there is rarely anyone else there. We eat dinner, go for a raucous swim (again, no one to watch our antics, so it’s extra-fun!). After we dry off, Jeff and I pour ourselves some plum wine and smile at each other and the waves.

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I’m excited to share how to make this homemade wine, because it is so simple, quick and good. Most country wines require patience- but not this one! Using cider yeast really sped things up for me, and although not such a refined or strong wine, it’s completely delicious. For ratios, I used this recipe as a guide- but my actual method for making it is different.

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This process is really simple, and would be a good one to start with if you are a little intimidated about home brewing. I am in the middle of another batch, this time wild yellow plums, and just using the natural yeast on their skins. Will report back on that! [Update: All of the plum wines we have made have turned out great!]

Quick and Easy Plum Wine And Here We Are...


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