Oh man do I have a treat for you today! And not just in the form of a sweet recipe. I’ve been working extra hard to make this special post for you which is just jam-packed with awesome stuff. You’d think after writing an entire cookbook about ice cream I’d have nothing more to give on the subject – but that couldn’t be further from the truth! No churn peanut butter cup ice cream - just 5 ingredients!

Something I get asked ALL the time is how to make ice cream without a machine. I understand that not everyone has an ice cream maker (or two like me…) and since I just adore mine I’ve been hesitant to talk about making ice cream without one. While I believe an ice cream maker produces the best results, I’m sharing the next best thing for those of you who don’t have one!

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In this post I cover four different methods for making homemade no-churn ice cream. One method requires just two ingredients, and the others can be used with ANY recipe. You may remember one from science class!

How to make the best ice cream without a machine! 3 methods, step-by-step video, and free printable ice cream labels!

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This can be a super fun DIY project or just a way to satisfy a frozen craving. Either way, I just adore using those classic white ice cream containers. It’s like making homemade Ben & Jerry’s. I got mine from Amazon, but I’ve also seen them at craft stores or speciality kitchen stores like Sur la Table. They’re pint sized, so since each recipes makes about 1 1/2 quarts a single batch will fill 3 of the containers.

Pint container of DIY vanilla ice cream made without an ice cream maker

I like to divvy up a batch of the ice cream base and and make two or three different flavorings! I’m all about variety. Don’t forget to sign up for new recipes delivered to your inbox in order to get your hands on the free ice cream label printable! Click here to get the labels.

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The Best Ice Cream Recipes

  • Death by Chocolate Ice Cream (for serious chocoholics only!)
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
  • Cookie Butter Ice Cream


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