Sweet, brisk lemon iced tea that’s super refreshing. With just 5 ingredients, get the steps to make this easy lemon iced tea in 10 minutes!

Lemon iced tea

About This Recipe

  • Made from fresh lemons, this iced tea is brisk, perfectly sweet, and refreshing.
  • The secret to making iced tea quick and easy is to ice-chill it. Make regular hot tea then cool it down in seconds using a lot of ice.
  • Recipe makes 8 cups of iced tea, perfect for a 2-quart pitcher.
  • Made with tea sachets instead of loose tea for easy clean-up.

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Ingredient Notes

Lemon iced tea ingredients
  • Black tea sachetsI’m all about loose tea but tea sachets are a great shortcut to making iced tea since brewing and cleanup is so easy.
  • Filtered waterIced tea made with filtered water tastes so much better than one made with tap water.
  • Fresh lemonsTo squeeze out lemon juice and to garnish the drink with.
  • SugarFiner sugar will dissolve quicker so I like using cane sugar instead of raw sugar.
  • IceUse smaller ice cubes to cool down the hot tea faster.

How to Make Lemon Iced Tea

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1. Juice lemons

Use a citrus juicer to make juicing the lemons easier. Make sure to strain out the pulp and seeds.

2. Make ice-chilled tea

Use an electric kettle with temperature setting and it to 190°F. If boiling water on the stovetop, let come to a simmer then take off heat.

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Steep tea sachets (with tags cut off) in hot water inside a 2-quart pitcher then discard tea sachets.

Stir sugar into the hot tea until completely dissolved.

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Add ice to pitcher and close with leakproof lid. Turn the entire pitcher upside down then right side up a few times.

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If you don’t have a pitcher with leakproof lid, you can just stir the ice instead of shaking it upside down — it’ll just take longer.

You’re mixing together hot tea and ice, so make sure to use a pitcher that can handle drastic temperature changes.

3. Combine iced tea and lemon juice

Add lemon juice, close the lid again and flip to fully incorporate the lemon juice with the iced tea.

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Pour tea into cups with ice lined with lemon slices.

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Notes & Tips

  • Sugar can be adjusted to your liking. I’m using 1/4 cup of sugar which is 4 tablespoons.
  • The recipe is made with 3 medium lemons but if you have large lemons, use 2.
  • Don’t shake the pitcher with the lid on to dissolve the sugar in the hot tea — stir it instead.
  • If you don’t want to use refined sugar, go with honey, maple syrup, or even date syrup.
  • Avoid using raw sugar since that takes a long time to dissolve.
  • Instead of sachets, you can use 1 family-size iced tea pouch or 8 tea bags.

Storage Tips

  • Keep iced tea in the refrigerator for no more than 4 days.
  • If your iced tea has been in the refrigerator for less than 4 days and it’s turning cloudy, add some hot water and stir.
  • It’s safe to drink even if it’s cloudy if it has been less than 4 days.

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