Sticking with a classic. Pancakes! Today we are going to share how to make boxed pancake mix even better. These tips make the most fluffy and delicious pancakes.

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Almost every Sunday morning growing up we always had pancakes for breakfast. We kid you not. On Sunday it would be classic pancakes the next Sunday it would be strawberry pancakes. Let us guess what you are thinking “didn’t you get sick of eating pancakes?” If we are being honest, yes but then you grow up to miss little things like that. Then you starting making pancakes for yourself on Sunday mornings.

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Some days we make the pancake mix from scratch but most days we use the boxed mix. Now we notice that boxed mix doesn’t taste as good as homemade pancake mix but most days we are all looking for something quick. So, we have a few secrets to share with you on how to make box pancake mix taste better.

Secret 1: Melted butter. Adding melted butter into the batter makes the pancakes fluffy and gives it that wonderful buttery taste to it.

Secret 2: Vanilla extract. This creates a more flavorful pancake instead of just the mix on its own. It pairs perfectly with melted butter that we added in as well.

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Three pancakes on a white plate with raspberries and blueberries on top.

Even with these little add-ins, it makes a big difference in how boxed pancakes taste. So give it a try and enjoy.

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