It might not be for everyone, but this dish is delicious! Pig feet stew with vegetables is cooked low and slow on the stove and is so comforting.

cooked pig feet stew with vegetables in the pot with chopped green onions on top

I created this recipe with the pot roast in mind. I cooked pig feet low and slow and then added root vegetables that i would always use in pot roast. Long cooking time helps breaking down tissues and makes the meat more tender. That’s what we want!

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Where to buy

I didn’t find it hard to find feet in the store. Usually pork feet are located in the meat isle next to smoked turkey legs or beef marrow bones. Also check the freezer section. Most stores will sell it frozen.

Online stores is another option. I bought mine online and it came frozen. They actually sliced it in half lengthwise too which really helped me later.

I never had to clean pig feet because they came already nice and clean and hairless. But some farms might sell them the way that they will require some work.

So how do you clean them? Simply pour hot but not boiling water on them. Take a good amount of salt, about 3 tablespoon and scrub them with the salt. Rinse under the running water after.

vacuum sealed package of patas de cerdo

Is it healthy to eat

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The most popular reason why do people even eat pork feet is the amount of collagen they contain. You can make a bone broth with them and it getting gelatinous by itself. Collagen helps your skin look younger and it also essential for you joints.

Feet are also loaded with fat and protein and have no crabs. So its suitable if you are on Keto or low carb diet. Here you will find more information about pork feet nutrition.

How to cook pig feet

There is many ways to prepare pork feet like slow cooking them, pressure cooking, in the oven or even air fryer! Today we are going to make a pig feet stew on the stove.

raw pig feet sliced on a cutting board
raw pig feet sliced lengthwise

First thing to do is to slice pig feet and about three pieces. It a time consuming task. You can also cook them whole but it will take longer for them to get tender and you still will need to chop them when they are cooked and tender.

cut raw pork feet pieces
sliced pig feet in pieces

If you don’t have a commercial grade slicer, just find bones inside feet and slice it right in between. It will take some time and you will need a very sharp knife. Rinse very well after you are done slicing.

sliced raw pork with bones in the cast iron pot before cooking
pork in the heavy bottom pot

After that part is done, place feet in to the heave bottom medium size pot. Mine is cast iron. Add oil and sear them for about 10 minutes, turning couple times so they don’t burn. This step is optional.

process of cooking stew in the large red pot
boiling and adding spices

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Add water to cover and bring to boil. You will be getting foam forming on top every once in a while, remove it.

halfway through cooking meat in the pot with garlic on top

Add spices and garlic and simmer with the lid on for about 1 -1.5 hours. Add more water as needed (when it will get too low). When feet will be fork tender, start adding your vegetables. I had potatoes, carrots and onion. Add celery if you like too. Add 2 cups of water.

  • raw carrots, onioins and potatoed on top of pig in the pot

Cook for another 30 minutes or until potatoes and carrots are tender. Don’t forget to stir the pot every once in a while. Don’t let it burn on the bottom.

Here is your easy pig feet recipe. The stew tasted amazing and was very hearty.

cooked pork feet stew with vegetables in the pot with chopped green onions on top

As i mentioned before this stew is not for everyone. It doesn’t taste similar to pork stew or beef pot stew. Pork feet has a unique texture and are very sticky to touch when cooked. Its the collagen.

In Russian cuisine they like to boil pork feet along with beef knuckle bones to create a delicious broth called “holodetc”. It becomes hard when cold and that is exactly how it served, sliced on the plate. Basically its just a bone broth, just served differently.

Oh and don’t forget garlic when cooking pork feet stew. Garlic is so important and adds tons of flavor to the dish.

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