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Everyone I know loves a good grilled burger, and this recipe for Pub Burgers with Beer Seared Onions is a winner! For this recipe, I used Aussie Beef, and it really was delicious. The beef is so rich you don’t need a lot of seasoning (but I’ve never let that stop me before!) The onions are super easy and have such a great flavor, you’ll want to make these for other recipes as well (they go great with lamb and steak!) It’s easy to make them on the grill in a cast iron skillet, so you won’t have to mess up the kitchen (and keep the heat down in the summer!) The main seasoning I used for this is my Grillin’ Shake. Click the link to get that recipe. I always make a double batch and keep it in a resealable jar as it’s a great season-all!

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Banner Butter

For cooking the onions, I used Banner Butter Roasted Garlic, Basil and Parsley Butter. Banner butter is a small butter maker in Georgia, and they make absolutely terrific butter. They sent me some butter to try for a few recipes, and I’ve fallen in love with them. Do yourself a favor and order some of their Cinnamon, Cardamon and Ginger Butter. I’m sure there are lots of recipes that I could use it in but I literally haven’t gotten past just spreading it on some bread. It’s utterly fantastic.

Setting up your grill.

This is not a recipe that calls for a true “two zone fire.” I simply put most of the coals on one side of my grill, but I wanted the whole grill warm with a good hot zone. I have a cast iron skillet with a non-stick surface that I use a lot when cooking on the grill. Any cast iron will work, but this makes clean up a snap, so I use it pretty often on the grill. (When using non-stick surfaces, make sure to use silicone tongs or spatulas so as not to damage the surface.) I preheat the skillet over the hot side a few minutes before starting cooking.

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Simple Steps for a great Pub Burger!

Making these are simple. Mix your burger meat with the seasonings and beer. While the grill is at its’ hottest, I cook my onions. Then, move to a cool spot and cook your burgers. Then, toast your buns while the cheese is melting on your burgers. (Oh, and get some good, delicious buns for these. I found some wonderfully fresh pretzel buns that were fantastic. These Pub Burgers deserve good buns!) See, simple and delicious. Y’all enjoy!

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