Purple is one color that tends to stand out amidst other colors. Most people often believe that it signifies royalty. Therefore, this glow is very much liked and adored by individuals from all over the world. However, most people do not know how to make purple paints by mixing other shades. These disappointing results have left people in search of guides on how to make purple color.

How to make purple
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Throughout this article, we will give you a comprehensive and step-by-step guide on how to make purple color in various ways. These entail how to make purple food coloring, how to make purple paint, and how to make purple frosting.

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How to make the color purple

There are two primary colors that are known to form this royalty paint. These are red and blue. These are two colors which when mixed result to the royalty shade. However, most people have complained about being misguided merely because they did not acquire the stunning shade after they mixed red and blue. The truth of the matter is, if you use different shades of red or blue, then you will acquire another shade of this paint, or merely a dark brown or grey color.

Thus, using the right shade of paint is a significant factor to consider if you are in the quest of acquiring this paint. If you use light shades of red and blue, then you will acquire a lighter color. Similarly, if you use dark red and dark blue, you will obtain dark shade. The problem comes in when you use a bright shade of red and a dark shade of blue or vice versa. You will acquire conflicting shades of this paint.

How to make the color purple with food coloring

How to make purple food coloring
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If you are looking to make this bright paint, then you can easily make it using food coloring. To begin with, you require a bowl, red food coloring, and blue to obtain the subtle shade. Ensure you use the correct amounts as indicated here to prevent obtaining other shades of colors:

  • So, start by placing at least ten drops of the red food coloring into your bowl. If you are color blind, it is essential to seek the help of someone who is not. This will prevent one using another food color besides the recommended ones.
How to make purple
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  • After you have added the red food coloring, add the same amount of drops of the blue food coloring. Do not overdo any food coloring because this is the primary cause most people acquire different shades of colors such as the dark grey or dark brown.
How to make purple color by mixing
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  • After you have added these two food coloring, whisk the mixture until it gives you the paint you are looking for. This indicates that you are in the right track of creating the color using food coloring.
  • It is recommended that an individual drops an additional red food coloring into the mixture. However, you should not add the coloring at once. Instead, drop one at a time to lighten the shade is you see it is too dark. Similarly, if you notice your paint is a little bit too light; add drops of the blue food coloring to make it darken. This regulation will help you acquire the right paint of purple that you desire.
  • After you have obtained the fantastic and appealing food coloring, ensure you use it as instructed in the recipe you are using.
How to make purple
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How to make purple dye

Besides learning how to make purple food coloring, some individuals also desire to learn how to make purple dye. One can quickly obtain and make the purple dye from various plants. One of them is Basil. Despite being famous for flavoring food, basil can also be used to make a colorful dye in this shade. However, different types of this plant produce different tones. To acquire the correct pigment dye from basil, merely gather the leaves and stems of basil. Boil them with water to extract the rich pigment you will use as dye.

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Another plant that is used to extract this bright dye is strawberries. Although they are known to have a lighter shade of this beautiful paint, one can still use the dark extract to make dye. Therefore, begin by cultivating the dark strawberries. After gathering the amount you feel is enough, crush the berries to extract the pigment and juice from them. After acquiring the juice, you can choose to add water to adjust the shade to the desired pigment.

How to make purple icing

If you have a cake and the theme is this paint, then it is no secret that your icing also has to match the theme. Making the purple icing is straightforward. You only require food color in this paint, milk, icing sugar, and butter. After thoroughly mixing all these ingredients, you will acquire the purple icing sugar. However, the shade of the icing also varies. If you want a lighter shade to ensure, you add milk until you obtain the shade you want. Similarly, if the shade you want is very light, add the purple food color until you acquire the tone you want.

How to make purple with acrylic paint

How to make purple color by mixing
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You can also learn how to make this shade using the acrylic paint. To obtain this appealing pigment using these paints, you need to have the golden heavy body acrylic which is ultramarine blue and the golden substantial body acrylic which is phthalo blue (green). For each of these paints, mix with the white paint to identify the bias of each color. You will note that the phthalo blue has a green preference, whereas the ultramarine blue has a red bias.

How to make purple
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With this in mind, proceed to mix the acrylic paints with the red color. You will see that the phthalo blue has a green bias and ultramarine blue has a red preference which you will neutralize using the quinacridone red color. The red + blue undertone will give you a bright glow, whereas the red color will mute down the green bias. Doing this correctly will help you acquire the correct shade.

With this information, it is easy to comprehend how to make purple color, and also how to make purple slime. This color is very appealing to the eyes and can now be made by individuals at the comfort of their homes. One can make this royalty color using red and blue food coloring, using acrylic paints, or make its dye from certain plants.

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