Spicy Tuna Hand Roll is a Sushi hand roll filled with chopped raw tuna seasoned with hot sauce. It is more of an American-style Sushi than traditional Japanese Sushi, yet it has become one of everyone’s favorites and a staple item on the menu at Japanese restaurants in the US today.

Spicy tuna filling is very similar to another popular tuna filling called Negitoro. Negitoro is, just like spicy tuna, raw tuna chopped into a chunky paste and mixed with green onion. It was a way of saving tuna meat left in the by fish by scraping the bones and other areas that still have small amounts of meat. Although the scraps don’t have the pretty shape good for Sushi and Sashimi pieces, it is still perfectly good to eat. And so it is made into this paste for a filling. Negitoro can be the filling for Sushi Rolls and hand rolls, and also as a topping for Sushi pieces (Nigiri). Negitoro is, however, not spicy at all. The flavor of spicy tuna must have been added in the US, probably when Sushi Rolls became phenomenally popular in the 70s and 80s.

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The hot sauce we used is Sriracha, the famous Thai hot sauce, but you can use any you like. Other than that, it doesn’t need to be salted or seasoned too much since it will be dipped in Soy Sauce before eating anyway. The tuna should of course be Sashimi grade (which means it can be eaten raw), but it doesn’t need to be top quality in terms of its looks. Markets selling Sashimi grade fish often sell smaller chunks of tuna cheaply, alongside the more expensive blocks or fillets for Sushi and Sashimi. If you like, you can make Sushi Rolls using this filling instead of hand rolls. Just watch our Sushi Rolls video.

It is super easy to make Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls for yourself, and enjoy the restaurant taste at home! Spicy Tuna Roll

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