Refreshingly cool and incredibly frosty, Strawberry Margaritas are my go to summer drink! All you need are a few simple ingredients and a blender. Once blended you can enjoy these right away or store them in the freezer as a make ahead cocktail that’s ready when you are!

strawberry margarita garnished with lime and strawberry in a margarita glass

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Refreshingly cool and incredibly frosty, this Strawberry Margarita recipe is top notch! One of the simplest cocktails I have made in a long time and it is by far one of my favorite summer drinks.

It can be blended and enjoyed immediately or poured into mason jars and frozen for a quick margarita fix on another day!

strawberry margarita in a margarita class, two strawberry margaritas in mason jars in a clear tray

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The ingredients are few and easy to keep on hand. Triple Sec, tequila, fresh and frozen strawberries and ice. Toss everything into a blender and you’re on your way to Margaritaville tonight!

There are so many types of Tequila and it can be overwhelming to pick a good one. Luckily for this recipe, any tequila will do because the strawberry flavor is the main player. I love strawberries every which way, but for this recipe I love that I can keep frozen strawberries in my freezer and I am ready anytime.

Don’t have frozen strawberries on hand? Use your imagination to create another great flavor. Mango margaritas are a super alternative! Or you can combine fruits like Mango Strawberry or Strawberry Kiwi! The possibilities are endless!

overhead of strawberry margarita in a margarita glass

Keep in mind these strawberries are frozen in a sweetened syrup so they add sweetness to this recipe. Before serving, I leave them out a few hours so they’re still frozen but not frozen solid (you could easily break them apart with a fork). Once you have assembled your ingredients, add them to a blender and blend until smooth. It’s that easy!

Any margarita recipe will tell you to salt the rim of your glass and while you may think is not necessary, it’s super yummy! For these Strawberry Margaritas you can salt the rim but I most often sugar the rim . Both are done in the same way; first by using a lime wedge to wet the rim, then dipping the rim into the sugar or salt – whichever is your preference. Don’t forget the garnish! A simple strawberry or circle of lime added to the rim and you are done! cheers with two strawberry margaritas in mason jars

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A great way to keep these margaritas handy when friends pop over unexpectedly, is to make this recipe ahead of time. Simply pour the blended margarita mix into Mason Jars and freeze. The alcohol will keep it from freezing entirely, creating a cool, slushy treat. You will need to allow them to sit at room temp for about 10-15 minutes to soften, and if it is a hot day this will obviously take less time. Just pop in a straw, grab some nachos and salsa along with your frozen strawberry margarita and you have an instant party!

This Strawberry Margarita recipe will be one that you will easily memorize because you will make it again and again and again…

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