Turron de Jijona is Spanish soft nougat, full of delicious almond and honey flavor. Easy to make it’s a great Holiday food gift or serve it to guests as an after dinner treat.

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When I lived in Spain, I think it’s fair to say you could not get through the festive season without having turron at least once. You could barely pass a store selling food without it being front and center in the window.

Bars upon bars filled the shelves at Christmas-time and you definitely wouldn’t have a party without it. It’s something my parents bring back from Spain regularly and so I sometimes enjoy it if I am visiting them.

block of turron de Jijona and some cut in cubes in stack and others in small bag

What is turron?

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Turron (or turrón as it is correctly spelt in Spanish) is Spanish nougat and comes in various forms. The two classics are turron de Alicante, which has whole nuts in a kind of honey candy. It’s hard and brittle and while tasty, I always worried I was about to break a tooth on it.

The other main kind is turron de Jijona. This kind is soft, made with ground almonds and is a little like marzipan but to me at least, a lot tastier.

As with many Spanish dishes, turron is not difficult to make and does not have many ingredients. However, the quality of those ingredients is important. Ideally, you should use Marcona almonds and grind them yourself to ensure you get as much of the almond oil in the final product as possible.

It might seem a bit weird being slightly oily, but really that’s kind of a good thing for this. I, however, do not have a grinder so instead used the best pre-ground almonds available. You also want to use a good honey as the flavor definitely comes through.

How to make turron de jijona

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All you do is:

  • Warm the honey with the sugar.
  • Add the cinnamon and a little lemon zest then whisk in the egg white.
  • Mix in the ground almonds then press it into a lined dish.
  • Cover the top and weigh it down, chilling in the fridge, overnight.

Turron is a classic Spanish sweet treat for the festive season that I think we should all adopt. The little bites of are full of delicious almond and honey flavor that is enjoyed by young and old alike. Easy to make and perfect for gifting. Or just dig in yourself. There’s no judgement here.

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