This tutorial includes a short video and step-by-step photos for how to prep artichokes for cooking. You’ll learn tips for selecting, cleaning, and trimming fresh artichokes.

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So you picked up an artichoke and now you’re wondering how to prepare it? I’ve been there! I used to be so intimidated by artichokes that I didn’t even have a recipe for fresh ones on the blog until last year!

But once you get the hang of it, preparing fresh artichokes for cooking is easy and quick. Now that I know the tricks of the trade, I can’t get enough of this healthy and beautiful vegetable.

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The following sections include tips for selecting, trimming, and washing artichokes. Be sure to check out the photos and videos to use as a reference while you’re in the kitchen!

Selecting Artichokes

The most commonly available variety is the globe artichoke, which has bright green outer leaves. You can find artichokes year-round at most grocery stores, but their peak season is spring. If you’re lucky, you may even see the less common purple artichokes out there!

When selecting artichokes, hold them up to your ear and squeeze. If the artichoke squeaks, it’s fresh. Inspect the leaves, and avoid artichokes with cracked or dried out leaves. Some browning on the outer leaves is normal.

How do you prepare artichokes?

  1. Slice off the stem and pick off the lower leaves. woman slicing off the stem of an artichoke on a cutting board
  2. Cut off about 1/2-inch from the top of the artichoke. A serrated knife or a very sharp chef’s knife works best for this task. woman slicing off the top of an artichoke over a cutting board
  3. At this point, you can clean the artichoke. Place it under cold running water to rinse away any dirt. Use your fingers to gently open the leaves if you can. Turn the artichoke upside down over the sink to drain excess water before returning it to the cutting board. To prevent browning, squeeze lemon juice over the cut surface (optional). woman squeezing lemon juice to rub over an artichoke
  4. Use kitchen scissors to snip the tips of the outer leaves so that they have flat edges. woman snipping artichoke leaves with kitchen scissors over a cutting board
  5. Your artichoke is now ready for cooking! woman

How to Prep Artichokes for Steaming, Boiling, and Roasting

If you are steaming or boiling artichokes, keep them whole after you prep them. Whole artichokes can also be cooked in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker. When roasting artichokes, you can slice them in half and remove the fuzzy choke before cooking.

Can you prepare artichokes ahead of time?

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Since cut artichokes can turn brown when exposed to the air, it’s best to prepare them just before cooking. However, cooked artichokes can be made ahead of time. Reheat them in the microwave for about a minute on high.

Artichoke Recipes

Now that you now how to prep artichokes, check out all of these delicious ways to prepare them:

  • Roasted Artichoke Halves
  • Instant Pot Artichokes
  • Microwave Artichokes
  • Three Artichoke Dipping Sauce Recipes

To eat a cooked artichoke, pull off a leaf and scrape it between your teeth. Discard the leaves after eating. Do not eat the fuzzy choke at the center of artichokes. However, the heart is perfectly edible (and delicious!), and the stem can be eaten if it’s not too tough.

Watch How to Trim Artichokes

Enjoy artichoke season! – Lizzie

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