Simple Basic Berry and Fruit Puree Recipes capture the sweet/tart balance of the summer fruit to use in jams and jellies, fruit drinks, ice cream, sorbets, granitas, fruit tarts, and whatever else you might want to use them in.

The basic fruit puree recipes use lemon juice to avoid browning in the stone fruit and to brighten the red pigments in the berries. The sugar balances the tart lemon juice and is necessary unless the fruit is super sweet. Your finished puree should have the delicious sweet/tart balance of perfectly ripe fruit, so you may need to adjust the amounts of lemon and sugar according to the sweetness of your fruit and also your taste. Fruit purees can also be used in making your own baby food.

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The following fruit puree recipes appeared the The Oregonian FOODday, August 12, 2008, by Maya Klein.

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Basic Fruit Puree Basic Fruit Puree fresh peaches in a pile

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