How to Steam Broccoli is a guide to get crisp, bright green broccoli every time without a steamer. Using simply water and broccoli, this easy and nutritious cooking method is a breeze to master.

How to steam Broccoli with cooked broccoli in a white bowl

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It’s incredible when a simple vegetable, like broccoli gets teamed up with a delicious meal. This recipe is a gem to master as this vegetable dish is quick and healthy!

And when your kids love it, you know it’s coming out of the kitchen often. My kids will always eat steamed broccoli and I serve it possibly more often than I should, simply because it is so easy.

Steamed Broccoli in a shallow bowl with saucy chicken and fluffy white rice.

How to steam broccoli without a steamer:

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On the stove, broccoli is quickly steamed in a pot with about an inch or two of boiling water. The pot being used to cook the broccoli in requires a lid so that the steam doesn’t escape. If you’re using foil in lieu of lid, park some oven mitts on so the steam doesn’t cause a burn.

To steam broccoli in 3-3 1/2 minutes I find it best to cut the broccoli into what might be considered smaller bite sized pieces, but what I consider perfectly sized, so that you can enjoy a bite of broccoli with some of whatever else you might be eating it with.

How to Steam Broccoli

How to steam broccoli in the microwave:

To steam broccoli in the microwave is a great way to quickly steam broccoli without a stove. And, steaming broccoli in the microwave results in less dishes as it’s simply a bowl or a container of sorts.

Microwave, container, water, and broccoli is all that is needed to effectively steam broccoli in the microwave.

Broccoli should always be cut into bite size pieces. This will cut down the amount of cooking time for the broccoli as well as make it more appealing (especially to young children). You can see in the photo above exactly how big I cut the broccoli I serve my 3 young kids.

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How to Steam Broccoli

We enjoy steamed broccoli finished a few different ways. A tablespoon of butter or olive oil and salt tossed with freshly steamed broccoli is simple, but not basic. Sprinkle with some grated cheddar cheese for the cheese lover in the family. Or squeeze a slice or 2 of lemon on top for a bright fresh flavour.

I add steamed broccoli to tons of different meals, broccoli is one versatile vegetable! If we’re short on a veggie, it’s likely steamed broccoli is making an appearance. It’s quick, easy, and packs a hefty punch with nutrients. I’ve got broccoli as a side dish for lots of different meals – check them below for more inspiring recipes.

How to Steam Broccoli

More broccoli side dish recipes:

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Enjoy! xo

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