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This article basically explains and suggest a better way of tenderizing rib eye steaks without using a mallet.

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Using mallet to flatten your rib eye steaks before grilling or frying is not the best idea and should really be avoided.

How to Make RIb Eye Tender?

Here are some of the reasons of it not being suitable for use:

  1. All the moisture (i.e. tenderness) leaves steak before it’s even seared.
  2. There is a higher chance of bacterial contamination through the use of mallet. You will have to cook the rib eye steak to 62◦C / 144F (and this makes steak even drier)
  3. Rib eye’s texture also suffers – it won’t taste like it’s meant to be.

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To me, the above reasons are enough to NOT use the mallet.

Especially when there are other better methods of tenderizing it:

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