Italian Herb Meatball Soup - get the recipe at

Small bite-size meatballs filled with plenty of Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese are combined with fresh vegetables and more cheese to make this Italian Herb Meatball Soup.

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I’m hopeful that if I keep making soups, chili and stews, winter will last here in the southwest for at least a few more weeks. With highs already in the 70s, the odds are slim that will happen, but I’m hopeful. For those of you in the colder and snow-filled parts of the world, I wish you all the sunshine that you are hoping to see! This soup was declared a keeper by all members of the family the first time I made it. In the years since then, we’ve eaten it both with and without pasta added to it. We all enjoy it both ways, although my younger boys like it best with a scoop of pasta stirred into it. (Direction for both methods are included below.)

Italian Herb Meatball Soup is sure to become a favorite! Get the recipe at

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