Maple Nut Scone Cookies are chewy maple cookies generously studded with pecans and drizzled with a maple frosting. These are THE cookies. All the texture of a soft, chewy scone (not a fan of scones? never fear, there’s nothing dried out or flavorless happening here) with a rich maple flavor and the perfect balance of pecans and maple flavors.

Maple Cookies with pecans and a maple frosting are a simple little cookie that will surprise you. Get the recipe at

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Scone cookies are rapidly becoming one of my favorite things and these Maple Cookies are officially the most popular cookie I make. If I’ve baked for you over the past year, you’ve had these cookies and you have likely been waiting patiently or not so patiently for the recipe.

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To be honest, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post this recipe. I thought I posted it last spring! I went to make these cookies over the holidays and realized the recipe was still waiting in my drafts. I printed it out and worked from that paper all through the holidays.

Maple Nut Scone Cookies are an unassuming cookie that just might surprise you. Get the recipe at

I’ve had so many requests for this recipe, I’ve been sending it out in a Word doc to friends for the past couple of months. I’m not even exaggerating, these cookies have proven irresistible to every single person that I have shared one with.

I’m thrilled to be sharing these Maple Nut Scone Cookies with you at last and I can guarantee that if you will give them a try, this unassuming little cookie just might become your new favorite as well.

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If you want a few more cookies to balance out your January fresh start and all the salad recipes, I recommend trying these Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies or these Raspberry Scone Cookies. These Almond Crescent Cookies and these Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodles are on my baking list now too. There are so many cookie recipes on this website already and yet, I’m still constantly trying new ones. There’s nothing better than a warm tray of cookies to make any day of the week more special.

Maple Nut Scone Cookies topped with a Maple Glaze are going to be your new favorite! get the recipe at

Scone Making Tips

  • Grate COLD butter. If you haven’t tried it already, you can’t even imagine how EASY this is. Use butter straight from the refrigerator, don’t let it warm on the counter while you set up the grater. It takes only 15-20 seconds to grate a cold stick of butter. Toss the fluffy grated butter into flour to lightly coat it and then all you need is a fork or your fingers to turn it into perfect crumbs in moments.
  • The dough will be drier than most cookie doughs, similar to a powdered biscuit dough. It should hold together when you press it with your fingers. If it still crumbles when pressed, drizzle in additional heavy cream, just a tablespoon at a time.

Kitchen Tip: I use this scoop and this baking sheet to make this recipe.

Maple Nut Scone Cookies are nutty, chewy, sweet, and tender scones in a bite-size cookie! get the recipe at

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