The Chew Meatloaf Recipe

Meatloaf with tangy glaze topping can win anyone’s heart. The taste increases thousands of times when it is prepared by Michael Symon. The classic southwestern flavor comes entirely in his recipe. Well, his famous the chew meatloaf recipe, got popularity after preparing it on The Chew show.

This savory meatloaf with special roasted tomatillo sauce is an overrated party dish. I best when you will prepare it, everyone will be asking for the recipe. Anyways, let’s proceed to the recipes.

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Meatloaf Recipe from The Chew:

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This special meatloaf recipe is prepared by none other than Michael Symon, on The Chew. The classic southwestern flavor of meatloaf is completely got from this recipe. Usage of spices and roasted tomatillo sauce makes this recipe so special that you have prepared it again and again.

The tangy classic flavor is never forgotten if anyone just has it one time. So, bless your cooking experiences preparing this meatloaf recipe and you will feel alike.

Meatloaf Recipe with Garlic:

The moist garlic-flavored meatloaf is always appetizing. With the garlic croutons, ketchup-honey sauce creates amazing flavor. The twist point is the usage of beef-turkey meats that means less fat than regular meatloaf. Let’s go for the recipe.


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Both of these meatloaf recipes are busy right-on dinner. They can be prepared within just 1 hour. Creamy and crusty meatloaf is very popular all over the world. The killer meatloaf recipe has created its own name in the meatloaf world. Prepare both tender meatloaf dishes at home with no hassle.

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