Mexican Pork and Tomato Chile Verde recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen Pork Chile Verde is one of my favorite Mexican foods. I order chile verde burritos and tacos more frequently than any other food; when I am at a Mexican restaurant. I can’t believe it took me this long to try making it at home.

The long simmer time always intimidated me, but there was nothing to it. The whole prep and kitchen work time in this recipe was easily less than 15 minutes.

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My entire family, even my youngest son, ate this meal and asked for seconds. (I wish I’d made more!) Chunks of pork are slowly simmered until tender in a rich green chile and tomato broth.

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Spicy enough to just warm your mouth, but then balanced and cooled by the polenta, rice or tortillas served with it. I served it over brown rice and over polenta. (I’ll be posting the cheesy polenta recipe tomorrow.)

My kids aren’t big fans of polenta; I served theirs over rice. My husband and I preferred it with the polenta. Chile Verde is also delicious as a thick soup or stew, sopped up with hearty flour tortillas. I can hardly wait to make this again.

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