This Ham and Corn Chowder is wonderful comfort food! A creamy soup broth, soft potato, juicy sweet corn and pops of golden brown ham is utterly irresistible and will warm your soul. Imagine coming home to this!

Ham and Corn Chowder in a French casserole pot being ladled out for serving.

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It’s Saturday 27 December, 2 days after Christmas, so I bet there are millions (billions??) of households around the world having ham for lunch. Sure, you could throw together a ham sandwich with fresh bread (yay, shops are open today!), or a frittata using other leftovers from your Christmas Day feast.

Or you could do something a little different and make this chowder. 🙂

“You could make yet another grilled ham and cheese sandwich to use up all that leftover ham…..or you could make this hearty, creamy soup!”

Ham and Corn Chowder in small white soup bowls, ready to be eaten.

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I’m a firm believer that for a soup to be a meal, it needs to be gutsy. And this soup is off the charts when it comes to oomph factor. It’s thick and chunky, creamy (without cream!!) and is one of those soups that is perfect for filling out even more with the addition of more vegetables (frozen diced vegetables are great!) or other leftover meats (think leftover turkey and chicken!).

Ham and Corn Chowder in a French casserole pot, ready to be served.

I bet you thought it was bacon when you first saw the photo! Nope, not a shred of bacon in sight. Honestly, when you fry up the ham and cook it nice and crispy like you would with bacon, it will make you wonder why you don’t cook with ham more often. All the flavour but so much healthier!

To finish things off, I have a rather sad announcement to make…..I have run out of leftover Christmas ham!!! I felt a bit of a pang when I used up the last scraps for this recipe because it seems to signify the end of Christmas….and having to wait another 363 days until the next one.

Soup Dippers

Quick Cheesy Garlic Bread • Better-Than-Dominos Garlic Bread • Soft No Knead Dinner Rolls

Bread Soup Dippers - Cheesy Garlic Bread, Garlic Bread better than Dominos and Soft NO KNEAD Dinner Rolls

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For those of you who are lucky enough to still have a stash of Christmas Ham, here are some more suggestions for things you can make with it!


Croque Madame Toastie Cups (Muffin Tin) – the best grilled ham and cheese you will ever have….

Croque Madame Muffin Tin Toastie Cup (French Ham Egg Cheese)

Ham and Cheese French Toastie Roll Ups – French Toast you can eat with your fingers!

Ham and Cheese Fresh Toast Roll Up 3

No Washing Up Egg, Ham and Cheese Bread Bowls – yes, you read that right, there is no washing up at all!

No Washing Up Ham Egg Cheese Bread Bowls 1

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