A sandwich cut in half on a plate, with Chicken and Chicken sandwich

The Smoky Grilled Chicken and Bacon Sandwich is a fantastic blend of smoky chicken, salty bacon, and a rich beer cheese sauce. Topped with a fresh tomato and crisp lettuce, these flavors are incredible together.

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When I saw my friend Chris share on his blog, Nibble Me This, a few years ago, I immediately put the ingredients on my grocery list. I made this for the first time just a few days later and we’ve been very happily making this Smoky Grilled Chicken and Bacon Sandwich for the past 5 years.

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This sandwich tastes every bit as delicious as it looks. I know this recipe looks like a whole lot of steps, but it is worth it. It is so completely worth it. I have never enjoyed a warm sandwich (can I call it a burger?) more and the beer cheese sauce takes it right over the top.

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